Make the Best of Your CRM by Opting for Customization

Make the Best of Your CRM by Opting for Customization

When you’re looking for a software solution, it is important to consider both its usability and functionality. When CRM systems first came out, companies were hesitant to buy them. This was because they were lacking in both these aspects. The ones that did buy, gave up using it because they could not use CRMs to their full extent.

Over the past few years, CRM systems have improved with each of their version releases, trying to balance simplicity and functionality. At the same time, industries have begun to realize the importance of managing customer relations.

So, we can conclude that there is a demand for CRM software. And attribute their successful adoption to two factors: usability and functionality. The paradox is that if you try to improve the usability, the functionality suffers and vice versa. It is interesting to note how various CRM platforms have tackled this issue.

Choosing one such solution from your buying options, let’s take a closer look at SugarCRM. SugarCRM is one of the most popular CRM products available today. The company has made a declaration on their website, “All we do is CRM. It’s in our name.” From a company like that, you can expect an elegant solution.

Let us see how it measures based on our metrics.

As opposed to CRM applications like Siebel and Salesforce, SugarCRM offers a clean interface without compromising on functionality. Their primary focus is on customer experience. Therefore, one can say that SugarCRM is as close as a CRM can come to being intuitive.

As far as functionality goes, SugarCRM has tried to overcome the drawbacks of traditional CRMs. And they have had success in most aspects, with one exception: it’s not industry specific. Though it is useful, a generic solution limits what you could achieve by using such industry-specific solutions.

Fortunately, you can overcome this problem, along with other fixes through SugarCRM Development. It is a better way of implementing the CRM of your choice. CRM development comprises of the following different services:

Consultancy & Deployment

This helps you get familiar with the CRM environment and understand its various functions. Further, you will get assistance in the setup and deployment, ensuring smooth functioning.

Portal Development

Portals make it easy for you to share information with your clients. Different kinds of portals are available for different purposes such as a customer portal or employee portal.

Application Development

One drawback of CRM software is that it is resource intensive. However, you can access certain modules of the CRM through mobile applications. This gives you the mobility and accessibility you need.

CRM Integration

You can integrate the CRM with other software such as the ERP or marketing automation. This makes managing clients and resources hassle free.

Plugin Development

You can use plugins to extend the features of your CRM and customize their user interface as required. For example, there are plugins available for email & marketing automation

Module Development

If you require additional functionality that the CRM doesn’t provide by default, you can have modules designed to suit your requirements.


SugarCRM Customization is the only solution that can help you get industry-specific functions and modules to your CRM.

Support & Maintenance

Many people disregard support and maintenance as a formality. However, it is essential that any solution must come with support and maintenance so that the software remains smooth and bug-free.

By utilizing the above-mentioned services, one can optimize their CRM and make it ready for action. It is a holistic approach to the simple problem of dealing with customers in large numbers. We can solve it by employing tools crafted specifically for your industry.

This investment can empower the entire sales and marketing division to work more efficiently. It is also indispensable for customer support.

But having certain tools doesn’t make you a great craftsman. You must know how to use them. You must understand the philosophy behind them. Customer Relationship Management is a lot more than just a piece of software. It is a set of principles and practices that guide how you deal with your customers.

The CRM solution makes sure that everyone follows these principals by optimizing customer engagement and response. SugarCRM Customization provides them with resources to perform with
their maximum capability.

Thus, one can enhance the CRM’s usability and functionality by using customized solutions. This reduces the frustration of your workers. It also leads to smoother operations and satisfied customers.

In his book, ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’, Stephen Covey suggests that you should always think win-win. The custom CRM is a perfect example of this manner of thinking. It helps you serve the customer better. And happy customers make happy companies.

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