Major Tools You Must Deploy in Your Startup Project

Major Tools You Must Deploy in Your Startup Project

Aspirant entrepreneurs wait for the favorable time when they can establish their own start-up, and business through mobile applications is something in which they see a lot of opportunities. However, creating an app startup is an arduous task, especially when you have no clue about the road-map to a successful venture. The tools that you select for your convenience in the pre and post launch processes can also have a great influence on the entire project. Nevertheless, before digging out the best software for your start-up app, you must contemplate over a few facts including the relevance of a particular tool with your app and how does it make your app a better one?

There are a number of tools (software) available out there which really can prove to be a hugely beneficial for your venture. But before locking up any software for your start-up mobile app development, you must think over the following software:

Ideation Phase
First of all, we come across this phase, which is also known as the conceptual phase and it majorly consists of its functionality, duration of building it, complete cost, ROI etc. The following tools aid you in the process:

This tool comes with flexible mind apps and diagrams; therefore, it promotes freeform mindset and it enables quick organization of ideas and information. To visually capture and set up information, this is a dynamic one. It helps you brainstorm, track tasks, take notes very conveniently. It displays feedback on the fly to bring improvement to meetings and drive participation. It enables everyone involved to see the panorama and all the details in the context. Moreover, MindManager becomes an essential tool when you shift from brainstorming to planning and execution, all in a single application, and convert ideas into action. Advance markers, along with resources and visible due dates, help status reviews.

Pencil Project
Pencil Project is an open-source GUI prototyping software, which is designed dynamically for all platforms. It is created for the purpose of offering easy installation as well as creating mockups in the well-known desktop platforms. It supports the conversion of the drawing document into various kinds of formats. It features a clipart browser tool, which gets consolidated with to allow users conveniently explore cliparts by keywords and add them very easily by the simple drag-and-drop operation.

Cacoo is a very flexible and convenient software, which helps you draw tools that create a wide range of diagrams including site maps, network charts, UML, and wireframes. Real-time collaboration becomes a reality due to this software. Many varieties of stencils come along with Cacoo; therefore, it is easy to draw diagrams you want. Cacoo is now available in 18 languages and you do not have to pay a single penny to use it.

Along with allowing its users to add functionality to your layout and create an interactive prototype, Axure creates mock-ups as well. Its features consist of sitemaps and different ‘widgets’ in the form of distinct UI elements. Diagram created with the help of Cocoo can be edited by a number of users at once. With the help of this tool, interactive HTML mock-ups can be built for both apps as well as websites.

Tasks and Project Management
Tasks and Project Management comprises of the activities like tracking the progress of your project, convenient communication, working seamlessly across platforms. There is some dynamic software available online and they help you conveniently operate your tasks.

Each part of a project can be tracked with the help of Asana as its flexible and convenient UX keeps project components clear and saves time when it comes to comprehending responsibilities of a task. It also specializes in assisting teams to manage workflows; therefore, it becomes a premium tool to handle such tasks. This tool gets compatible seamlessly across all the platforms allowing you to manage everything on the go by using your mobile phone. Overall, this tool seems to be a business version of Facebook.

A similar tool to Asana, Trello helps you monitor the progress of your project. However, unlike Asana, Trello wins the heart with helpful cards representing each facet of your project conveniently on a view board. It comes with a light-weight and very ordinary UX. Using this, you can also download files to your computer. Moreover, you can integrate it with the platforms like OneDrive, Dropbox or other existing systems. This tool is currently used by Google, Kickstarter, and Paypal.

Adobe Color CC
Adobe Color CC is one of the most popular tools used to color your web/app startup. This tool allows you create themes that are ready-to-use for your distinct layouts. It also comes with an amazing feature of converting colors to CMYK, Hex, RGB and Lab formats. Also, it enables you to import color palettes straight from into your artwork.

When we talk about a Content Management System, one name abruptly occurs in our minds and that is Wordpress. This is an open-source CMS based on PHP and MySQL and is available absolutely free for developers. The best advantage of Wordpress is that it does ask for the knowledge of PHP or HTML, unlike other platforms. Apart from this, Wordpress offers you the features like community, plugins, templates, menu management non-standard fields and many more.

Zeplin helps speed up a project by letting mobile app developers smoothly set properties. On the other hand, it gives liberty to designers to spend more time on other stuff, for instance, documenting transitions etc.

Real-Time Data Streaming
This universal Data Stream Network (DSN), PubNub, is one of the useful tools for building real-time web, mobile, and the Internet of Things (IoT) applications. It employs a Publish/Subscribe model for real-time data streaming.

Pusher is another tool that helps developers conveniently create 1-to-1 chat applications, data analysts to easily build real-time dashboards and SaaS companies to build collaborative features with ease.
Now you got all the essential tools in your arsenal and all set to get your project on the floor. So, don’t forget to throw the Friday party. Have fun!!!

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