Maintain Those Professionally Cleaned Carpets Like a Pro Using These Simple Tips

Maintain Those Professionally Cleaned Carpets Like a Pro Using These Simple Tips

As months and even years go by, our carpets can get dirty fast. It then becomes so important for you to hire a professional company that can clean your carpets for you. This is no cheap task! It can cost you quite a bit. Therefore, it is mandatory that you maintain your carpet after it has been professionally cleaned. In the long run, your house will look cleaner.

Here are all the tips you can utilize.

Wait for Carpets to Dry

There are different kinds of companies out there but one thing that they all have in common is that they use water and special cleaning agents to clean the carpets. After the cleaning job is complete, the carpets would be damp. You should not walk while they are still wet! It can completely ruin the cleaning procedure. Hence, wait for the carpets to be dried out before you set any foot on it. Be sure to tell all your children too if you have any in your home. The pets should be kept away from this room as well. If you are getting Bi-Weekly home Cleaning in Greensboro NC, the same tip applies because they use the same cleaning ways.

Don’t Walk There Barefoot

You would think that it is safe for you to walk barefoot in the carpets now that they are cleaned. But it is actually a bad idea. The natural oils that are present in our skin can leave behind residues that would make the carpet dirty again. So, avoid walking on the floor barefoot. A better alternative is using slippers or socks. Always keep the dirty shoes outside the room. As a rule, have a shoe rack that is outside the room or TV lounge so that everyone knows they have to remove the shoes before they walk inside the room.

Get Rid of Spills Fast!

When you hire a Carpet Cleaning Company to professionally clean the carpets, then you would know how much it can actually cost. Suffice to say, it’s not something you can get every week! So, whenever something accidentally spills on the carpets, remove it as soon as possible. Using a cleaning agent if there is a suitable one at your disposal. Otherwise, you could use hot water and a towel or cloth. Pay close attention to the spills especially when there are guests around. There can be confusion in the house and the carpets can be prone to a lot of stains!

Don’t Rub the Stains, Blot Them

People often make the mistake of rubbing the stain using cleaning agents. That is not recommended. You should instead use the blotting technique. The blotting technique is when you use clean white towels and repeatedly press on the area of the stain or spill. Don’t use abrasive materials or harsh cleaning agents because that can ruin your carpet fibers easily. If the stain is too hard and doesn’t leave, then see if you can get a Carpet Cleaning Service again.

Vacuum The Carpets Constantly

Whenever you are cleaning the whole house, never forget to use the vacuum cleaners on the cleaned carpets. It doesn’t matter if you think the carpets still look clean. You should still regularly do it because it can remove the debris and dirt that we cannot easily spot. It would also help ensure that the indoor air quality is good.

These are the main tips that you need to know to maintain the look of your carpets and rugs. Remember that just simply getting a professional service isn’t enough. You need to make an active effort on your part as well.

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