Latest iPhone app development trends to stay in 2018

Latest iPhone app development trends to stay in 2018

Mobile apps are becoming a prominent business. Several businesses rely on the mobile apps such as e-commerce apps, business apps, entertainment apps, etc. There are several platforms from which these apps operate from such as Android, iOS, Windows, etc. And the entrepreneurs are adapting mobile applications for their businesses all around the world.

The first choice of platform for any apps regarding any business will be the iOS platform. The iOS apps are rapidly growing day by day. If you are an app developer then you may know how iOS apps are getting prominent in this business. There are tons of new iOS apps getting introduced in the apple app store every day. In this rapid growth of apps, the technological trends also grow and change with it.

Just last month Apple introduced the new iOS 11.3 beta version that packs various advanced and improved features. This gives the iPhone app developers the access to use these advanced features for their apps. And these features are setting new trends for app developers that are going to stay for quite a while. Below given are some of those iPhone App Development trends that are going to stay with us in 2018.

The swift “Swift 4”

The Swift is the programming language introduced by Apple and Swift 4 is the latest version of that programming language. It is continuously getting popular amongst iPhone developers. It is considered a sophisticated replacement for its predecessor, Objective-C. Swift is considered robust and scalable and the new Swift 4 is much advanced than previous Swift versions. It is useful for app developers to build the apps faster without any compromise in the security and features. Surely it is a development trend that is going to stay with us in 2018.

AR & VR – The multimedia brothers

AR and VR stand for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality respectively. Both of these multimedia features are incorporated into the new iOS 11.3. VR is basically a digitally designed scenario that can give the user the effect of simulation of that particular scenario using a VR tool. While AR takes the real-time data and sews digital data together. These features might come in handy to the developers who are looking to include it in their applications. Many e-commerce applications are using these features to showcase their products in the application. And AR is gaining more popularity because it doesn’t require any special tools like VR.

CML- Core Machine Learning

One of the most important trends to look out for is the core machine learning or CML for short. CML will make your application look smarter in comparison to the applications that don’t use CML. It is a framework introduced by Apple that is helping application access features like Siri, Camera, etc. It is also useful in detecting and understanding language and developing high-end AI-based games. Developers are including CML in their applications to avoid any further complications in the updates.

Security is a high priority

Security is a concern for app business around the world. As Android is trying to improve their security, Apple was providing the best security to the data since it was introducing apps. Apple takes its app security very seriously and in the Apple worldwide developers conference 2016, Apple announced the mandatory use of App transport security in all the iOS-based apps. If you take the latest Apple pay, for example, it has become a great digital wallet among Apple users. It enables easy and fast transaction along with ticket booking feature for airplanes, events, etc. Apple pay is the best example of the security that Apple promises its users. Developers are also using Apple’s security features to integrate into their apps.

AI - The new friend of the user

When someone hears AI they may not get any idea, but when you say Siri people may get the idea of AI. AI, also known as Artificial Intelligence is the capability of a machine to interpret information and act accordingly to it without any human help. Siri is the best example of Artificial intelligence. AI is gaining more popularity amongst developers and also they are looking to include the features of AI in their application. Many popular companies such as Google, Facebook, and IBM have attempted and became successful in developing their own standalone AI.

IoT networks

There has been a growth in the market for wearable devices since the introduction of IoT. People don’t just want their home devices connected to each other, but they also want to connect themselves with all the devices. IoT stands for Internet of Things. It means a connection of all the devices on the same network, in simple words a network of devices. IoT has allowed users to tear down the barrier between devices and enabled us to exchange data among these devices. IoT has turned into a prominent development trend that all developers are looking to include in their apps.

Many iPhone app developers are following these trends and are integrating into their apps. And to stay at the top of your game you also need to follow and integrate these feature trends in your app. As there are new trends in the market the app development will get challenging. Vrinsoft Technology has the resources and tools to overcome challenges and include the latest features and trends in the application that they are developing.

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