Know about Numerous Types of Natural Stones

Know about Numerous Types of Natural Stones

Natural stones are the products which are extracted from the earth and are used for enhancing the beauty of decorative items and for many other purposes.

There are various types of natural stones which are found in many colors and are extracted from the earth’s surface. There are many companies which supplies natural stones at affordable price. The cost of the natural stones depends upon the quality of the stone, its cut, clarity and weight measured in carats and the treatments through which the natural stone has undergone.

How natural stones are formed

Natural Stones

Natural stone is formed miles underneath the earth’s surface. The molten rock builds pressure in the surface of the earth then this molten rock hardens and transforms into a material which is known as granite. This granite is extracted from the earth’s surface and is cut into the specific sizes using powered gang-saw. As gang-saw produce a large amount of heat so to prevent heating water is used in combination with saws. After cutting the granite slabs into specific pieces, they are polished to enhance the beauty of stones and that’s how natural stones are prepared.

Types of natural stones:

  • Limestone: Limestone stones are used for flooring as well as for fire places. They are sensitive to any attack of acid. Sacrificial sealing is recommended for the purpose of polishing the stone. The beauty and the appearance of the limestone enhances with the passage of time if the limestone is natural or not polished. This is a unique quality of the limestone which didn’t find in any other stone. The beauty of the limestone enhances with the artificial colors and the strength of the stone can be increased by reinforcing another mineral in it.
  • Sandstone: Sandstone is a classic sedimentary rock used for flooring. Sandstone is the most common mineral in the crust of earth and can be found in any color like blue, green, gray, white and many more. The sandstone is found mainly in sand sized minerals and made with the combination of quartz and feldspar.
  • Granite: Granite is formed deep in earth at extremely high temperature. Granite stone is the hardest and the toughest stone. Because of the durability of the granite as it is the hardest stone, it is used for many purposes. It is used for commercial and institutional buildings, flooring, kitchen counters and basically on any surface. Polished granite is very slick when wet. So the penetrative sealing is recommended for the purpose. Granite is found in unique colors and patterns which people love to see.
  • Marble: Marble stones are used for flooring vanities and fire places. Black and green marbles have tendency to wrap and curl when they absorb water so black and green marble requires special setting material to reinforce. Polished marbles are not recommended in the areas where the marble can contact acid because the even small amount of acid can dull the polish of the marble. Unpolished marbles are used in such cases.
Natural Stones-Marble
  • Slate & Quartzite: These types of stones are used for bar tops, flooring vanities, showers and for tub surroundings. Due to chipping and flaking, these types of stones may not be suitable where bare feet are present. Slate stones help in cleaning. This type of stone may be disinfecting and problematic in general maintenance of stones.

Natural stones are used for many purposes over thousands of years. Traditionally people use natural stones to make ornaments and other decorative things but nowadays it is used in making buildings and for many other purposes. There are many suppliers which supply the natural stones of higher quality at the lower price as they extract the natural stone using modern techniques which are affordable.

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