Keep It Casual: Style Tips that Suit Every Man

Keep It Casual: Style Tips that Suit Every Man

Who says you need to dress up in formals to look impeccable and sharp? Yes, you can keep it casual and still look just as debonair. The trick lies in styling your casuals in a way that looks street smart and striking. Here are a few tips and what you need to wear to casually classy without looking too over the top-

You can Never Go Wrong with Jeans-

A good pair of jeans fits and flatters any body type in all the right ways. Finding a pair of denims that fit you well and make you feel comfortable is important. Refrain from going into baggy, overly ripped and distressed jeans if you don’t want to look too flashy. Nothing can compare to slim fit jeans in the right pair. Do not go in for jeans you need to pull up your waist every four seconds and refrain from picking the ones that pool around your ankles. Team it up with a stylish t-shirt from the wide variety of t-shirts for men that are available and you are good to go.

Pay Heed to Footwear-

You cannot wear your dirty, worn out sneakers on every outfit and to every occasion. Chances that it can ruin an otherwise flawless look are high and plus people notice (well at least the ladies do). Choose a more dignified pair of trainers. It complements your street style look perfectly. You can also opt for desert boots, trask shoes and various other styles, depending on what works for you.

Casual Jackets are A Winner-

The trick with buying stylish, casual jackets is that you need to go down a size to get the right fit. Remember, even if it is casual, there’s nothing worse than an ill fit jacket. Whether you are going in for a denim, leather or bomber jacket, see that you try it out first and then go ahead with the purchase. Style these with jeans and a basic t-shirt or even a hoodie and there you have it, an effortless look without too much effort.

T-Shirts Maketh The Man-

Yes, we know this is one piece of clothing every man owns and that too in bulk. Nothing spells casual more than t-shirts. There are many styles to choose from. You can go in for graphic t-shirts for men, solid one-color t-shirts, striped tees or polo t-shirts, whatever captures your fancy. Even a simple white t-shirt looks great on a pair of jeans. Avoid going in for extremely graphic and colorful t-shirts if you want a classy yet relaxed vibe.

Accessorize Smartly-

No, accessorizing isn’t just meant for the ladies, guys can decorate your wrists with tasteful watches or even a leather wrap bracelet too. It helps add to the overall charm of the outfit and brings out a personality of its own. You can even pair your watch with bead bracelets. If you are not a fan of the bracelet fad, just a simple, neat wrist-watch goes a long way.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Layering-

For an interesting take on a dull and boring outfit, simply layer it up. Many guys get nervous when it comes to layering since matching clothes together isn’t everyone’s forte. However, this isn’t rocket science. You can layer up your look easily even with simple clothes. For instance, you can wear a simple white shirt and jeans and layer it up with a plain grey sweater for that added effect.

As long as you focus your style sense on basic clothes that fit well, you have nothing to worry about. Remember, clothes that are trending today can look tacky after a few months. Keeping it casual will come effortlessly when you go in for timeless pieces that look stylish even say ten years from now. Above all, don’t try too hard, just keep it simple. After all, isn’t that what dressing casual is all about anyway?

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