IPL is more famous than any other cricket tournament

IPL is more famous than any other cricket tournament

IPL is the professional tournaments of the twenty20 cricket league in India, A Indian team that represents Indian Cities. IPL is the most interesting cricket match of the IPL league in the world.IPL has ranked sixth among all sports leagues or other sports.

Indian premier (IPL) is the first sporting event in the world. Indian professional Twenty20 Cricket league in 2008, The brainchild of the board (BCCI). The IPL has developed into the most popular outlet for the game of cricket. IPL Matches begin in the late afternoon or evening, A portion of them are played under floodlights at night to maximize the television audience for worldwide live- broadcasts.

IPL Indian premier league of 20 over matches, which means each team plays 20 over from both sides. Every year, there are a total number of 8 Teams that represent eight cities of India participating in this tournament. Get More live about Indian premier league updates.

IPL is the most joyful and famous tournament in all of the world. Due to which every year IPL brand value is increasing, there are more than 411 million viewers watching live IPL 2020 latest news matches every year as of now, its brand value Rs 475 Billion.

In any IPL match, Out of 11, there are only four Overseas players who are allowed to play a match and the remaining players should be of Indian Continent.

Here are some reasons why IPL more popular than any other cricket

1. Money and more money

While IPL its like earning crores within 15 days of IPL matches. Much more than other tournaments, IPL will be hosted in India. The country with the most cricket lovers and followers in the world.

2. No strings attached

We can easily cheer and support our favorite players regardless of which nation he is from. Here when we talk about the IPL, Keeping aside supporting our cities, we can get to support and idolize our favorite players.

3. Legends

IPL has all the players who have retired from world cups and test crickets match playing in the teams of IPL, There are players who come from small cities and towns, getting a platform to show their talents, Plus sharing their grounds with the best of players are
M.S. Dhoni, Hardik Pandey, and many cricketers are just some of the players from the young generation which are a lot to get worldwide for their performance in IPL.

4. Showbiz

Indian premier league( IPL) is more about Bollywood movies than cricket. The Tv telecast is willing to pay whopping sums for rights keeping in mind the spotlight they will get by being a part of IPL.

5.Just three hours of games

The IPL is held in the world of cricket and everyone likes and enjoys it. IPL T20 has a very short game of the period, of just about 3 hours. Also, it is very attractive as other sports games such as football and soccer basketball.

6.Increased Audience

In IPL matches 45 percent of the audience is women, it will automatically increase the number of viewers. The involvement of celebrities also brings in a large part of a crowd. The advertisements and promotions of IPL are done in huge amounts.

7. Glamour

IPL games are not only about crickets, it is all about being in the limelight. The involvement of Bollywood celebrities are investing money on the team of media, the media can capture a lot about IPL.

8. IPL without controversies

IPL has been more scandals and allegations in the past. Commissioners, Ministers, players, have been accused and caught in controversy of IPL.

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