Interesting Facts About Pint Glass cozies

Interesting Facts About Pint Glass cozies

Pint glass koozies are those lovely sleeves slipped around the glasses that contain liquids. Due to their several advantages, they are popular among people since long time. Here are a few interesting facts about Pint Glass Koozies.

How they are useful
In the first place, pint glass koozies add more colourful looks to the glasses which are otherwise bare looking. Usually pint glass kozies are printed in several attractive ways. It is very common to see them come with the brand name and product information of companies that wish to promote their products and services. Secondly, a pint glass kozie slipped on to the glass helps add more grip to the fingers. Hence the risk of dropping the glasses down is minimized. The temperature of the contents in the glass does not hurt the hands as the pint glass kooizes are made of materials that have insulation properties.The koozie helps preserve the temperature of the liquids for extended time. In this way, the uses of pint glass koozies are many which make them desirable products.

The material of pint glass koozies
Pint glass koozies are made of flexible materials that are weightless and economically priced. The pint glass koozie material gives a cushion effect under the fingers. The most common choice for pint glass koozies is neoprene. Bestowing a sponge like feeling under the fingers, neoprene is a great choice for making pint glasses. One good advantage of neoprene as a material for pint glass koozies is that it can also accommodate printing on it.

Colors of pint glass koozies
Pint glass kooizes can be made in any color. The color of the koozies is due to the dying chemicals mixed with the koozie material while manufacturing them. Hence it is possible to make them in any color you want. Usually the color of the pint glass koozies are decided based on the color of the printing that goes on it. This is to provide a fitting background to the printed matter in the koozie material. The myriad color possibilities you can achieve with pint glass koozies make them the best choice for printing.

Printing done on pint glass koozies
The most common purpose for pint glass koozies is to distribute them as promotional materials. Hence the companies ordering for pint glass koozies arrange to print their company information, product details and brand logos on them. With a proper planning and skilled execution, the printing on pint glass koozies come out very well spreading the word about the companies and their products.

Pint glass koozies as promotional products
Due to the several advantages of using pint glass koozies as promotional materials, they are the most popular choices for firms. Attractively printed pint glass koozies are easy to pack, store, transport and distribute. A large number of businesses use pint glass koozies for their product promotion campaigns and say they get the best returns on their investment. While pint glass koozies are used as promotional products since long, they come as a boon to businesses in supporting their marketing efforts.

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