Integrating ERP with Magento: A smart move for Enterprises

Integrating ERP with Magento: A smart move for Enterprises

In this fast-moving world, everyone is very busy and do not have time. Everyone wants things immediately and easy. People love to shop through eCommerce sites because this is a convenient and easy alternative these days and avails more options than traditional brick and mortar store. ECommerce store should have a large product list and to manage them is certainly a daunting task.

Do you have your online store having numerous products under various categories? Are you looking forward to simple management of your inventory? ERP installed with Magento websites change the entire criteria and can manage entire information like inventory, shipping, orders, and order-delivery. Stay updated with us, if you want to upgrade your current Magento store through of Magento developers.

ERP makes business operation easy: Integrating Magento ERP is best for eCommerce business, and it is gaining popularity day by day. Business management becomes easy due to Magento ERP installation. It is important to integrate app data and user data with enhanced enterprise activities. There are numerous ERP systems available. A well-integrated ERP system helps automate manual tasks and customer service. ECommerce business owners use ERP integration to save time, costs and errors on their Magento stores. It initiates marketing, selling and customer satisfaction with ease. Get an edge over competitors by integrating ERP with a Magento store. This also helps in faster delivery of the products.

Advantages of Magento-ERP Installation:-

  • Secured: If Magento installation is currently running on https / SSL, then information between Magento and ERP system cancels this association, and then the information transition is completely anonymous and safe.
  • Synchronized data: Options prices, stock, product, order, etc. among Magento and ERP systems are synchronous.
  • Stock/Price: Any change made in the price or stock in the updated ERP is automatically transferred to Magento.
  • Flexibility: A lot of ERP systems are available for less manual process integration. Decrease manual entries of client, products, stock, orders and shipping inventory and enhance the productivity.

Integration Magento-ERP Solutions: They are end number of techniques of the Magento ERP integration, but we have made three standard techniques to club both the platforms together. Let’s discuss those three techniques.

  • P2P Solution technique: Magento and ERP are "pointed" to each other for data synchronization. However, the data cannot be managed directly due to lacking operational data between the two. The additional system will require managing the data. Point to Point solution is not advisable to the small or medium business owner as it's full fledge integration costs high and can afford by enterprise level of companies.

Point-to-point integration does not produce maximum flexibility by adding to the sales channels. Every time you add a new channel, you will need to reconfigure your integration. If you need to manage a huge online store, then it is useless, and you can get stuck in the middle.

  • Customized Magento-ERP Installation: Custom integration is the best way to integrate the Magento with ERP. This means, one can develop their custom integration, which can initiate through Application Programming Interface (API's) for required data synchronization. No matter you are looking to integrate shipping data, stocks, clients, product data, invoice data, credit memos, tax rules or something else, it is possible to initiate through custom integration.

No doubt, custom integration is costly and complicated. This is the reason that there are companies that offer these services as primary service. Panacea Infotech has high-end expertise in offering Magento ERP integration and magento ecommerce development. We understand the requirements of exact customers and provide solutions with Magento 2. We help the enterprise to achieve its desired goals through ERP Magento solutions.

  • Multichannel platform integration: Multichannel solutions required especially to design for integrating the system like Magento and ERP solutions. This option comes with an operational hub to an online store, and it requires knowledge for integration. The type of data like order, customer, item, shipping, and inventory gets synchronized automatically through this platform.

This platform utilizes pre-developed connectors and integration gets smoother as well as easier with it. Although this is a pricier approach, it is highly recommended for an SMB or enterprise vendors. Enterprise can upscale their business through this approach.

Summing up:-

It is essential to select the right Magento Development Company, who can initiate you in integrating Magento eCommerce store with the right ERP system. We have the team of certified Magento developers who are experienced and think out of the box and help the customers to achieve their business goals by delivering end to end solutions. We at Panacea, initiate in selecting right ERP solutions and making integration smoother. For more details drop us a mail at


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