Incredible ideas to build school gardens with recycled materials

Incredible ideas to build school gardens with recycled materials

Many schools and gardens have turned "green" learning into the centre of the students' training processes and they have succeeded in designing strategies that place the focus on the care of the environment: workshops, solar panels, recycling, and orchards, are some of the things that are being implemented in the establishments. Specifically, orchards have become a priority, not only because they produce healthy foods that can be consumed daily, but also because they are ideal for working various subjects such as biology and mathematics, and perfect for enhancing skills such as teamwork, commitment, and the perseverance.

The best of the gardens, in addition to the learning that comes from these, is that they can be designed in many ways and with reusable elements such as tires, bottles, eggs and many other things. If you are thinking of creating a garden with your students, below we share simple ideas that you can implement without investing too much.

1. Do not throw away plastic bottles!

These can be used to make vertical flowerpots. Cut them in half and fill them with leafy earth. Another option is to make them horizontal. An opening is made in the center, where the earth will go, and then a pair of symmetrical holes to pass a cable and hang them from the wall. You can also use yogurt containers or canned food cans.

2. Fruit boxes are a good element for planting vegetables and greens

Being more firm and having more capacity, the roots of potatoes and onions, among others, have the necessary depth to grow. If you do not have boxes at hand, you can go to a grocery store or greengrocer to get some gifts.

3. Reuse furniture, dressers or old shelves in your home

Unused furniture is an excellent place to put pots. In addition to being functional, the old furniture gives a touch of style and decoration to the garden.

4. CDs and DVDs to scare away birds

One of the great problems of all orchards is the birds that destroy them in search of food. The CDs and DVDs that you no longer use can be placed with strings over the flowerpots and work very well as scarecrows. The brightness they reflect from the sun's rays prevents the birds from approaching and destroying all the work.

5. Eggshells

One of the big problems of germination of vegetables and vegetables is the lack of calcium. To solve this you can use egg shells. To do so, instead of splitting them in half, leave an opening at the top. Then put the leafy earth and the seeds and wait a few days for them to germinate. The best thing is that the shells are biodegradable, so you can leave them in the same soil to absorb their properties.

6. Transparent covers

If you are worried about the cold, heat or rain that your school garden can receive, you can use transparent clothing covers to protect it. You just have to make a cut in the central part of the cover and introduce your crops. It is important that you make sure they receive the necessary air and water. You can also join several covers with PVC pipes to create a large greenhouse.

7. Tires

If you want your garden to look good, you can use old tires and paint them in different colors. Then, you can fill them with earth and use them to plant vegetables, flowers or flowers.

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