Ideal Fire safety practices you need to apply at your workplace

Ideal Fire safety practices you need to apply at your workplace

The Work Health and Safety Regulations in terms of fire safety that apply in all Australian states are extremely strict. Since there are almost 5 deaths per day due to fire catastrophes on a global basis, it is best that you opt for fire safety practices to be well prepared for the unpredictable circumstances.

Jim's fire safety offers renowned fire equipment inspection services which all businesses surely require. Not only will the fire safety equipment be kept up to date but it will be replaced in case it is damaged.

When we take workplaces into consideration, it is imperative that all employees have knowledge about potential fire hazards. If you are not aware of all the safety tips and solutions, take a look below and follow them vigorously!

No Smoking Areas

Cigarettes are one of the most common causes of fire outbreaks, both indoor and outdoor. All indoor rooms should be rendered as nonsmoking areas and proper 'Non-Smoking' signs and boards should be installed.

If your employees smoke, they should be aware of the smoking protocols such as disposing of cigarette butts properly, not disposing of lit up cigarettes, etc.

Throw Waste Materials Correctly

Waste materials should be managed properly as clutter acts as an ideal fuel for a fire. Firstly, look after your work area and make sure it is clean and clutter-free. Secondly, do not leave clutter in sunlight.

Install Fire Equipment

Fire safety equipment is essential for fire hazards. Necessary fire safety equipment includes the following:

  • Fire extinguishers
  • Fire safety blankets
  • Fire hose reel
  • Axe
  • Masks
  • Water buckets

What is more important is storing all these items properly and in public areas where everyone can see them and use them easily if necessary. Fire equipment services Melbourne can be contacted to make sure the equipment is not damaged is up to date and is ready to use.

Fire Safety Training

It should be an employer's duty to provide the employees with fire safety training. The essential training can include fire drills, how to use fire safety equipment, knowing about emergency numbers, etc.

The training will come handy in case of emergencies as they will help the employees act calmly and will definitely prevent chaos.

Keeping Electrical Equipment intact

Fire can also be lead by faulty electrical wires, faulty electrical equipment, etc. As an employee, you should make sure your electrical cords are stored properly, are not left plugged and switched on when not in use and that they do not pose threat to people working next to you.

It is advised that the cables are not too long, adapters are not used frequently and over usage of one outlet is not done.

Store Combustible Material Properly

The combustible material will catch fire quickly and hence it is advised that all such materials should be stored with care. They should not be left unattended in sunlight or near breathing fire.

All combustible material should be sealed or closed correctly and should be stored in a cupboard.

Switch everything Off

When it comes to fire hazards, everything is unpredictable. Therefore, it is necessary that when you leave your office space, you switch your electrical equipment off and make sure you ask others around you to do the same. Moreover, public items such as the coffee machine or the vending machine should also be switched off.

Memorize Emergency numbers

All emergency numbers should be printed and posted on the wall where everyone can see them. As an employee, it is best you memorize them so that you are all set.

Fire equipment services Melbourne should be contacted if the fire equipment is not working or needs testing and tagging

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