I Tell You These are The Worthy-to-read Tips for Wedding Planning!

I Tell You These are The Worthy-to-read Tips for Wedding Planning!

When you go to gym you lift the weight to tone up your body and to get strength. And after lifting certain amount of weight you think that you can lift up any weight whatever amount of given to you. Of course you can. We believe in your strength. But lifting the weight in gym, don’t think that you can also lift the weight of wedding planning. It is not just easy dumbbelling that you do in gym. Planning a wedding is like counting stars in the sky. If you lose the concentration then you forget from where you started counting and then you again have to start it from starting. When a wedding is going to take place, it should be well planned and arranged. Don’t think that you can all do in one day. It is not like morning and evening task. It takes time for which sun has to rise again and again.

It is always advised that when you are doing a wedding planning, it should be started earlier, at least two or three months earlier. It is always should be earlier but not on you final wedding day! In an Indian wedding, there are lots of rituals, ceremonies and customs to perform. It is not one day event, at least of a week.

It is all philosophy of wedding planning but no planning at all. Don’t worry. Now we are spilling beans on some of the best wedding planning tips for you. Whether you are a bride or a groom, knowing these tips you can plan your wedding yourself. And if your family and friends are assisting you in this, then it is awesomely great. If you need experienced and professional wedding planners in Bangalore, then you can search on Shaadidukaan.com, which is an online wedding market in India.

The rule of two Ds: Decide & Discuss:

wedding planning

First of all what you need to do is to sit with you partner and family, and discuss how you want to plan your wedding and how you want your wedding. This meeting with family, closed friends and partner is all about décor, catering, guests listing and other things.

Each guest name matters:

wedding planning guest list

After you have decided that what you want and how you want, now it is time for guests listing. To name and list the guests to whom you want to invite to your wedding is also a kind of task. This listing decides your budget of catering and venue, which going to take a little bit huge amount of money from your pocket. So each name of a guest matters.

Wedding venue & décor:

wedding decor and venues

After your guests listing gets decided. Now it is time for venue and décor. When you book a wedding venue, it should not be too far, and décor thing you decide what kind of you want. There are various options in it. Whether you want DIY décor or just on a particular theme. If you are confused about it, you can hire a wedding planner for it that can take your this headache away. Or say to your some bunch of creative friends to embellish your wedding location.

Wedding menu:

wedding menu

After enjoying and dancing in your wedding, guests want to eat now, and you can compromise on anything but don’t compromise on food quality and dishes. Your wedding menu must be delicious. Less and tasty wedding menu can work but untasty and lengthy menu can’t. Give your guests everything delicious, savory and crispy to eat. Catering must be in perfect alignment.

So these above mentioned points are some of the very important ones on which you have to think broadly. If you think that you cannot yourself do wedding planning, then you can hire a wedding planner for that. There are many best wedding planners in Bangalore that you can hire for your destination wedding in the city. After hiring a planner, you can leave your all worries to them. Hence in this way a wedding gets planned, and for yours we want to congratulate ahead. Enjoy!

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