How Your Dental Hygienist Can Save Your Smile?

How Your Dental Hygienist Can Save Your Smile?

A dental hygienist is a paramedical branch of dentistry in which a person specializes in oral preventive care and is responsible for a patient’s teeth longevity. A dental hygienist can be your savior even before you meet your dentist.

A dental hygienist makes sure your mouth is perfectly functioning in relation to your teeth, gums, cheeks and tongue.

Among many responsibilities of dental hygienist, they do the dental treatment assistance with the dentist. He is responsible for the before and after dental treatment. He makes sure that before any dental procedure, your teeth are scaled properly, and no sign of gingivitis is seen or found as such minor dental procedures prove to be hampering dental treatments.Whenever a patient is suffering from either gingivitis or periodontitis, a dental hygienist has the responsibility of cleaning the tarter and plaque due to which certain condition was there initially. After a proper cleaning of teeth and gums, does the dentist do his further treatment. So a big role and responsibility has been left on a dental hygienist to prepare a patient in many ways for the betterment of his oral health.

On visiting a dental hygienist, he will examine your teeth and gums. He will check your oral cavity, each and every tooth and all the surrounding gums and cheek area.Any damaged tooth or staining or calculus in the mouth has to be first attended by a dental hygienist. According to the condition of the oral cavity, he will plan the treatment.

A dental hygienist also checks for any gaps or pockets formed between the teeth and gums. A pocket may be a sign of proceeding dental disease so he may refer you to a periodontist for the needful treatment otherwise any sort of plaque and calculus can be dealt easily by the dental hygienist.Often it is seen that after every scaling, polishing which is an utmost step is avoided by the dentists. This step is followed by the dental hygienists. Since after every scaling and curettage, the teeth surface is left scratched and uneven, it is important to fix it and make the teeth surface as smoothas possible. A dental hygienist will make sure your teeth and gums remain disease free and totally healthy.

It is important to keep an appointment with your dental hygienist in every six months to avoid any big and trivial dental problems. Visiting a dental hygienist is as important as visiting a dentist, he is the one who will always make sure that without any invasive and painful treatment your teeth are saved and treated conservatively. It has become very essential these days that precautionary measures should be taken rather than getting invasive treatments done. He may also be helpful in ways that he may recommend a good and veteran dentist for your advanced dental problems.

Making regular dental hygienist visits your priority, you make sure that your teeth are in their place living their healthy life and are there for a long time to come.

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