How Will Micro Apps be Working in 2018?

How Will Micro Apps be Working in 2018?

Nowadays, everyone is using mobile phones, from a street fruit vendor to rickshaw drivers to young kids. Mobile phones have successfully revolutionized the human inventions. Currently, there are over 4.77 Billion mobile phones all over the world. And it will pass more than 5 Billion by 2019.

What are Micro Apps and how they will be a major hit in 2018?

Micro Apps are mobile apps, but they are small comparatively. They are designed for a single purpose, for example, desktop users can understand them as small system admin utilities. Whereas in the mobile world micro apps are the ones used to deliver highly targeted functionality.

For corporate usage, they were initially built and designed for time management for the HR and its employees like a cross-platform to stay connected with each other for getting updates on the day to day tasks.

These are the consumer-oriented application which is created to target them more efficiently. Companies are investing in micro apps to build a specific platform where users can perform a specific task. As we are moving to 2018, these micro-apps will become a hit due to its better functionality performance than the mobile apps.

In 2018, people want to focus their relationship with their employees, to increase the workflow and maintain a balance how employees work. Micro-apps are no doubt created only for work efficiency.

Why are companies investing in micro apps?

Companies are using micro apps and investing in them as it can save costs to a greater extent. Your business with the customers becomes easier and simpler. In the work environment, you would need a simple functionality. Too much functionality will be complicated to use and will either lose the user’s interest or distract them. To avoid the consequences, companies have decided to move on to micro-apps. Facebook messenger is one of the best examples of micro-apps. They have all the functionality required to connect people.

Companies now are focusing on their business environment. They want their employees to perform a task quickly with simplicity. Employees can use multiple ways to be connected to the environment with any device, email, browser, etc. They want their employees to be connected to the HR and each other.

This will increase their work efficiency due to an ongoing interaction. It is also one of the reasons companies are investing in micro-apps rather than mobile apps that take months of tedious work and time to create.

The best part about the micro-apps is that they can assist the IT industry in tremendous ways. Any action can be performed in fewer steps, and it isn’t uncomplicated. You can even access the current work without logging into different systems by any devices.

It is designed to increase the employees’ productivities with notifications and one-click actions. This will help them see clearly on what they are working on and what they might have to do to complete a task. The task given will be targeted to a specific employee. Micro-apps divide the work tasks and are assigned to the right person.

Project management has never been easier with micro-apps. Projects can be created and submitted before the selected date. Employees will remain alert for it and will work according to the due date.

What are the other facts you need to know about the importance of these apps?

  • Micro Apps are like personal apps and business through it will be easy.

  • The UI is simple and quite easy to use.

  • Designers can easily alter the UI for different devices.

  • They are cost-efficient.

  • They are easier to build.

  • IT companies will enjoy the profit due to time management functionalities.

  • It integrates systems like Salesforce.

  • Companies can use this to get the feedback, reviews to improve it further for customer’s satisfaction.

  • Micro apps can be used on mobile as well as desktop, it's just the employees get the information irrespective of where they are and which device they are using.

Micro Apps have been already a huge hit, but in 2018 and coming years it will grow more. Mobile App Development Companies are already given projects by various companies to build them perfect micro-apps. It will make the business more comfortable as they will be connected to the customers, and also helps customers in multiple ways.

It is mostly for companies who want to manage their business and employee relationships professionally Corporate and the HR team can manage their employees’, their work, their projects, and etc. It creates a bond that will be helpful in the company’s performance.

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