How Tummy Tuck Surgery Makes You Look Beautiful

How Tummy Tuck Surgery Makes You Look Beautiful

A firmly toned or flat abdomen is a must for a catchy and attractive figure. Not everyone is blessed to have such a body. Even if you have, your body encounters numerous changes throughout life including pregnancy, losing weight, and any type of medical surgeries. All of these situations lead to the loose and saggy skin near the abdomen. This deforms your figure and you lose confidence as well. Tummy tuck surgery comes as the ultimate solution for this. This is a

Tummy Tuck lends beauty to your body
Tummy Tuck surgery is a cosmetic surgical procedure which aims to remove excess or loose skin from areas of the abdomen. It not only stretches and tones abdominal muscles but also helps in removal of excess fat and skin from areas which have become exercise and diet resistant. Although, it must not be replaced with bariatric(fat removal surgery). It is only targeted to tone and tighten the abdominal muscles and shedding away some extra skin during the procedure.

During the procedure, the patient is given general anesthesia. Generally, two incisions are made near the navel and pubic area. Abdominal muscles are separated from the skin and then they are pulled and stitched together. This results in a narrow, firm, and toned waistline as well as the tummy. The skin which was separated is spread in a stretched form over the tightened muscles and stitched together. The excess skin is removed from the body by cutting it. The position of navel remains unchanged securing your natural look of the figure. It is generally completed within 4-5 hours. A tube is attached temporarily to the skin for draining excess fluid from the wound. It normally takes one or two weeks to return to your normal day to day activities.

Precautions you need before a Tummy tuck

So, you have finalized for tummy tuck procedure and wish to go for it. Before you go ahead, you are advised to check below mentioned pointers very carefully.

You must be a non-smoker.
You must be in a good and stable condition of health.
Your body weight must be stable.
If you are planning for pregnancy, postpone the procedure until you are done with it.
If you are planning to lose weight or go for bariatric surgery, it is advisable to go for it only when you have lost your intended weight.

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