How to Watch Facebook Videos on Your TV

How to Watch Facebook Videos on Your TV

Isn’t video ruling the content world? Whether it is social media, educational sites, or marketing campaigns, videos are becoming the most sought-after form of content in the world. And due to this immense popularity of videos, people like to share and watch them with their friends and family.

Do you know that according to stats revealed by Facebook itself, over 400 million users spend one minute on the video platforms of social networks? And over 75 million users do it every day. And these 75 million people spend more than an average of 20 minutes each day on Facebook Watch. This popularity indicates that even if you have a subscription to Spectrum TV choice, you will still crave videos on Facebook!

The Popularity of Facebook Videos

The term “viral video” was first introduced for Facebook videos. Today, videos on Facebook are from every category. They are about personal moments, adventures, memes, makeup tutorials, cooking delicious meals, news, sports, and what not! You can simply type a category or a few words relating to what interests you and you will see a whole list of videos. They will be enough to provide you good entertainment for hours.

When we like a video, it is almost a reflex action to share it with your friends and family. Tagging and sending links is mainstream. Watching it together would be much more enjoyable. For instance, I love watching America’s Got Talent and The Voice auditions on Facebook. Since I don’t have time to catch the shows live on TV, I watch them on Facebook. And then I feel like sharing it with my family and friends.

But crowding around a smartphone or a laptop does not help. These screens are small and everyone cannot view them easily or enjoy them as they should be. Personally, I prefer to play my favorite videos on my TV and watch them together with my family or friends. Nothing beats that! So let’s talk about beaming these to your TV screen and have the ultimate experience of watching them with others.

How to Watch Facebook Videos on TV?

This is perhaps the first time you are going to discover how to watch Facebook videos on your TV. It is exciting to roll out the capability of streaming videos on TV your Facebook. Following are the possibilities:

  • You can watch Facebook videos on the bigger screen with Apple TV and all other devices, which are AirPlay-enabled.
  • You can also watch them with Chromecast and devices, which are Google Cast-enabled from an iOS-based device. You can also do it via your web browser. This way you will be able to cast from your Android devices to the Chromecast too.

Easy Steps

Following are the steps, which you will follow to watch a Facebook video on your TV:

  1. Ensure that your TV is connected to the streaming device. Your phone/desktop has to be connected with your Apple TV, Samsung TV, Chromecast, and so on.
  2. Make sure your TV and your streaming device are connected to the same Wi-Fi.
  3. Find your desired video on your desktop or phone and find the TV symbol found in the top right corner. Press it!
  4. Select the device where you want to stream the video.
  5. Enjoy the video on your TV! Tap to expand the video to full-screen mode.

While you are watching it, you can also go back to scrolling through the newsfeed on your phone or device from where you are streaming the video. You can find more stories and videos from the newsfeed and play them on your TV. Also, you can easily watch comments and reaction in real-time right on your screen. You can indulge in the conversation.

The Facebook Watch TV App

You can also stream Facebook videos directly and without connecting to a separate streaming device. You need to download Facebook Watch TV app from the app store of your TV. It will be easily downloaded if your TV supports it. Once downloaded, open the app and click continue.

You can also watch the videos directly on your TV by installing the Facebook app. You can find the videos and play them. Just make sure you have a steady subscription to an internet plan to enjoy this new way of watching videos on Facebook. If you are trying to pull off an economical deal, you may want to check Spectrum internet support. Because who doesn't want more in less!

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