How to watch CNN live TV and Latest Videos

How to watch CNN live TV and Latest Videos

Majorly, CNN gained its reputation through its ability to be able to deliver live news at the very scene it happened.

CNN has a platform on their website known as CNNgo; the CNNgo is an online streaming platform that helps users to be able to watch this live news going on around the world.

All you need to activate this is the CNN app on your Smartphone. Enter your cable television user name and password that will be a gateway for you to be able to gain access to Live CNN news, live CNN international and HLN broadcasts, as well as entire episodes of CNN show. At their site, they made sure that watching any form of news clip is completely free.

As of September 30, 2014, CNN initially announced that they were adding a new development (CNNgo) to their website. As earlier said, CNNgo allows CNN users to watch live CNN videos, short shows, Videos on Demand from

This innovation looks very similar to the CNN pipeline as it allows viewers to watch CNN live. All you need to get started is to enter your cable television credentials, and you are good to go! However, it is a bit different from the CNN pipeline because CNNgo users will not have to pay an extra fee if they already have an existing cable provider. Another main difference between CNN pipeline and CNNgo is that there is also no paid option, meaning that unlike the CNN pipeline, users of CNNgo will not be able to watch CNN live news if they do not have a cable TV.

Due to new channels being brought to Apple TV, CNN later announced that they will also be bringing the CNNgo to the Apple TV. But this didn't go quite well as some users complained of having issues with signing in to the Apple TV channel with just as many credentials as also required on the CNN app or website.

This misconception made enable the streaming of CNN live news on their site. On, you can stream all live news and events without having any issues. CNN livenewsmag works with CNN to enable users/watchers to get full, real and updated breaking news and facts on everything happening around the world.

In the United States of America, CNN live stream has been part of almost everyone's lives. CNN is available at homes and also schools, as schools often teach children about the station and its historical exploit. A lot of schools in the United States put CNN on when 9-1-1 happened because it is the best, most reliable, and up-to-date source to get your news and real facts.

CNN's live stream has hugely impacted the news industry in such a way that other news channels now get their real facts and news from CNN, and some even try to imitate and follow CNN's lead.

CNN has some amazing facts that make most news channels see them as superior, and these facts about CNN are:

  • CNN was the very first channel to provide round-the-clock news.
  • CNN was available in 82.7% of households in the United States of America.
  • CNN was the only network channel that aired a live disaster of when the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded.
  • CNN was the first channel to report on the 9-1-1 tragedy.
  • CNN reporters went to the Iraq war ground on the front lines to capture live coverage and show everyone the situation at that moment.

These are some of the amazing positive facts that CNN has delivered to viewers.

CNN's main aim is to go out and source for all news stories. CNN stands strongly behind its promise to viewers, which is providing true and unbiased stories all over the world that people can trust and depend on when needed.

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