How to Use Statistics on Instagram?

How to Use Statistics on Instagram?

How to use statistics on Instagram? How to access the Instagram statistical tool? How to access Instagram Analytics and your account statistics? How to track the performance of your Instagram campaigns? Is there a statistical app for Instagram? Instagram announced last September the launch of tools to track the performance of your account but also your advertising campaigns. This statistical tool is for the moment only accessible to advertisers partners of the Instagram advertising program .

Instagram stats

Since 2015, Instagram statistics allow all users to access their statistics including:

- A summary of the performances of your Instagram account

- Number of impressions received on the publications on the month

- Scope of the publications on the month

- Number of published contents

- Number of followers / follow-up accounts

- Summary of performances per week

- Performance of money posted content

instagram statistics

The tabs "Performance", "Audience" and "Posts" will respectively obtain information about:

- The overall performance of the account

- The details of the audiences you touch: age, gender, location ...

- The performance of your publications

Instagram campaign statistics

Instagram has announced the launch of statistical tools to track the performance of your advertising campaigns including:

- The summary of your campaign

- The goal of your campaign

- The dates of your campaign

- The targeting: country, gender and age of your audience

- The number of targeted impressions

- The reach of your advertising (reach)

- The frequency of exposure per user

- The number of likes and comments generated on your sponsored posts

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statistics advertising instagram campaigns

In the meantime, manage your Instagram campaigns in Facebook's Power Editor

power editor facebook

Iconosquare: analyze the statistics of your Instagram account

While waiting for the opening of Instagram statistics to the general public, you can already use Icononosquare which allows:

1. Get a summary of your Instagram account:

- Number of photos and videos published

- Number of likes received

- Number of comments received

- Number of subscribers to your account

- Number of accounts you follow

- Activity of your account of last 7 days and last month: new followers , followers lost, growth in terms of followers

- Engagement rate: percentage of people who like your content and comments

- Scope of your content: number of people who do not follow you and who see your photos and videos

statistics account instagram

2. Get a view of the past month and activity on your account:

- Number of posted content

- Most used filters - Most used


- Engagement rate

- Evolution of the number of comments and number of likes

- Most liked

photos - Most commented photos

- List of the most fans of your followers account

- growth chart of your followers

- curve of subscriber gains and losses

instagram stats

3. Get information about the performance of your photos on Instagram:

- Evolution of the number of contents posted

- Day of the week and time of the day where you posted your photos

- Distribution of the filters which you used

- Hashtags most used

- Geolocation of your photos

photos that buzzent instagram

4. Get information on the evolution of your commitment rates:

- Pictures having performed the best

- Likeness evolution

curve - Evolution curve of the number of comments

number of comments received on instagramnumber of likes received on instagram

5. Get useful information to optimize your Instagram account:

- Best time to publish a photo to your account

- Average life of your content before your followers stop interacting with

- The impact of filters on your engagement rate

- The impact of tags on the performance of your publications

6. Get information about your Instagram followers:

- Number of followers

- Followers that you do not follow in return

- Follow-up accounts that do not follow you back

- Followers you follow too

- Account growth

- List of new followers

- Accounts with which you interact often

- Suggestions of accounts to to follow

instagram statistics

In short, Iconosquare is an essential tool to follow your statistics on Instagram.

Other tools exist:




Socialrank is a paid statistical monitoring tool


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