How to Swell-Up Your Network as a Start-Up Business?

How to Swell-Up Your Network as a Start-Up Business?

A start-up is like a newcomer in the big school where everything acts as a stranger. To ensure that it gels up well with the existing students, this new face needs to make friends. It helps in knowing the atmosphere better and gain a piece of knowledge about the dos and don’ts of the place.

The sizeable network can help in many ways –

  • Improvement in confidence
  • Gain knowledge about gainful opportunities
  • Attain an easy generation of referrals
  • Get new ideas
  • Save precious advice about business

How to make the circle bigger?

Do you know how to make new friends/connections in the industry? May be yes, maybe no. Whatever it is, the following situations may help you understand some simple yet effective tricks.

The common but important 48-hour rule

This rule is irreplaceable in importance and ubiquitous in presence. The business world follows it as the thumb rule for making new connections. Not to mention, start-up businesses should take it more seriously.

The rule says when you meet a person of potential significance for your business, do not forget to contact him within 48 hours. Otherwise, the person gets the hint that you are not serious about the discussion as well as the professional relation that could reach a further stage.

A delay like this may snatch a big opportunity from you. It is better to take care of the time factor in this concern and avoid a regretful situation later.

Organise business lunch

Food has always been a key player in making the mood positive. As a new player, your start-up business needs to have some pleasant conversations that can act as the anchor for lucrative connections. Do not compromise in the quality; choose the best restaurant with the best food quality. However, this may make you spend money. But if that is bulky for your business finances, do not organise such meetings frequently.

If any financial support is required, then occasionally for a critical lunch meeting, you can borrow funds. They are readily available through cash delivery at your place; above all, the bad credit score businesses can also get the money online. The doorstep loans in the UK is not unknown in the lending industry.

Know about the personal interest of the people before meeting

A right start brings a good end. Business networking is indeed for commercial purposes. However, you cannot just start talking about the work thing directly. As a social creature, humans always prefer first to know each other in a better way.

You must know about the person in advance. What are his hobbies likes and dislikes, even favourite holiday destination, taste in music and every possible thing? Any factor can work in the positive direction.

Take an example, a meeting in which you missed some crucial things in the name of business etiquettes. Maybe you did not wait for them and started eating. Do you think that the people in the meeting will ever come to you back? No, certainly not. What went wrong there? Was that related to the business? No, it was all personal. Hope the point is clear to you now.

Stay active on social networking sites

Not every time it is possible to meet people face-to-face. In the era of the virtual world, connectivity has a different meaning. It happens through online platforms. When it comes to the mass, social media/networking is always in trend.

Through your business page on social media, you can connect to a massive number of people. The benefit is double. You can connect socially as well as can go for personal chat feature available on every social media platform.

Attend webinars and seminars

Things like webinars and workshops are the melting points of thoughts that carry the efficiency to change the world. Be a part of these activities, and you can know the masterminds of industry. Especially, those who are experienced can help you develop a new vision of your business.

Maybe there are mistakes that you make, but they miss to come into your notice. You can develop new connections as well as can gain exposure to the enhancing subjects that become the subject of discussion.


Networking is an art that may take some time, but when it comes in its flourished form, it can bring big profit for your infant business. Connect with new faces and stay active in your conversations as well as follow-ups.

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