How to Spend 7 Days in Stockholm

How to Spend 7 Days in Stockholm

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden. Located in the heart of Scandinavia, it is an integration of old and new culture and tradition. The city is loaded with amazing landmarks, historical monuments, museums, and gardens. This city is basically developed on almost 14 islands. But moving from one island to another isn’t that difficult as it is connected by almost 50 bridges. This city is mainly an archipelago and located in between Lake Malaren and Baltic Sea. This setting provides the tourist with some of the most amazing landscape and sceneries to view, and find themselves in the heart of nature. For this reason, Stockholm is considered one of the most beautiful capital city in the world.

The beauty of this city has given it new names over the time. Due to its unique landscape of islands and waterways, it is also known as “The Venice of North”. The people are friendly, and communication with them isn’t difficult at all, as most of them know how to speak the English language. For your ease of traveling to this city, we have made 7 days traveling plan of Stockholm city. Read this article and get to know about this city.

How to get to Stockholm

Getting to Stockholm is not at all difficult. There are 2 major airports in the city of Stockholm. You can find daily flights to Bromma Stockholm Airport and Stockholm Arlanda Airport from different cities in the world. We recommend you to compare flights on the website of any travel agency or aggregator to find the most suitable flight with respect to cost and time.

Day 1

Spending a week in the Venice of North is a great idea. You can cover this city completely. In this time frame, you will be able to explore each island completely, along with some further exploration of the archipelago.

Start your day 2 by visiting Gamla Stan. It is here the foundation of this city was laid back in the mid-13th-century. This place is in the heart of Stockholm, and also known as an old town. This ancient part of the city is mostly preserved in its old glory, so it is just like a museum full of amazing buildings as its artifacts. Swedish Royal Palace is also located in this neighborhood. Take a walking tour of Gamla Stan and then visit Strandvagen Boulevard. Made in 1897, this place is considered as one of the most prominent places in Sweden as World Fair was held there.

It must be late in the day, so head back to your hotel, or a restaurant in the way to enjoy a delicious dinner. You can spend your nights wandering in the colorful and vibrant streets of this magical city.

Day 2

Start your day 2 by enjoying an amazing breakfast in any restaurant on the waterfront. Follow it up by visiting Historiska Museet, or more commonly known as the Swedish History Museum. This will give you an exclusive chance to study the history of Sweden from the Mesolithic Age to the present time. Afterward, visit the old German Church of Tyska Kyrkan, which belonged to a German Saint who migrated to Sweden.

Spend your evening at any local café and have some tea and supper. After that, you can visit and enjoy an opera performance at the Royal Swedish Opera. Even if there is no show scheduled, we still recommend you go there as the building structure is simply jaw-dropping.

Day 3

Start your day 3 by visiting the Royal Dramatic Theater. It is more commonly known as Dramaten, and hosts around a 1000 show annually. You may be able to find one show. We recommend you to attend it as it is going to be out of the world experience for you. Follow it by visiting the Swedish National Concert Hall. This place is almost a century old and holds a great deal of historical and cultural significance.

We recommend you to spend some time wandering in the city and joining any DJ club, disco or any pub to make your evening more enlightening.

Day 4

Start your day 3 with a healthy breakfast, because you will need all the energy in your body to absorb the greatness of Vasa Museum. This museum is one of the best museums in the world and holds historical artifacts that can amaze anyone. This place offers a great maritime experience to all its visitors. It is where you can see the 17th-century vessel that is still preserved in its original state. This place is going to take almost half of your day. If you are a history and maritime junkie, it may take more than that.

Take a tour of any park to enjoy the sunset and relax in the fresh air. You can also visit Stadsbiblioteket, which is a public library. You can find any book here, although time will be short to read it completely.

Day 5

The 5th day of your Stockholm trip will take you around the archipelago and other islands which this city entails. You can either take a boat trip or a ferry around all the amazing geography of this city. Just relax on the peaceful ride and enjoy every bit of scenery you can see. This trip may take more than half of your day, but it is worth every second spent.

In the evening, you can visit Stadshuset, also known as the Stockholm City Hall. This place is famous all over the world for hosting the Nobel Prize Banquet, along with other different ceremonies.

Day 6

Start your 6th day by visiting Ericsson Globe. This globe is the largest hemispherical structure on Earth, and you can get a great view of the whole city from the very top. At night time, you can see the different lights of this city. You can also visit some of the significant islands and explore them. 6th day is perfect for taking a few snaps and meeting local people along the way. Wander around the city and buy some souvenirs from the local shops.

Day 7

Day 7 will be your last day in Stockholm. So there shouldn’t be a second wasted in the laziness. Start your day by visiting Sergels Torg. It is a public square that is located in the exact center of the city. It is one of the most prominent squares in the country and a tourist hotspot. After spending some time there, you can visit the Nordic Museum. This place houses some great artifacts from the ancient Nordic civilization. You can also buy some souvenirs from this place to keep with yourself. Before heading back to your hotel to check it, we recommend you to visualize the image of this city in your mind, so that whenever you need some inspiration, Stockholm is always there for you.

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