How To Shop Safely For Flooring During Covid

How To Shop Safely For Flooring During Covid

Home renovations seemed to become one of Canada’s favorite pastimes as people settled into shutdowns during the pandemic. Whether it was because we all started spotting the shortcomings in our homes stuck inside 24/7, or because boredom had us scrambling to find something to do, the DIY home reno project became a popular choice for Calgary homeowners.

Unfortunately, shutdowns affected many retailers as well, which put a damper on shopping for materials. However, renovation stores were added to the list of the essential services, allowing homeowners to start shopping again. If you are thinking of installing new floors during the pandemic, here are our tips to help you shop safely for flooring during Covid.

Wear a Mask

Although many have taken an anti-masker stance, a mask protects you and others from virus spread. Make sure you wear a mask and don’t deal with any stores where their staff and/or other customers are mask-free. We have a team committed to customer safety, and we are also committed to keeping our staff safe and healthy. Masks are a must to keep your home flooring shopping experience safe.

Follow the Six-foot Social Distancing Rule

Retailers have taken precautions to help their customers remain socially distanced. Flooring Calgary stores have added decals to their showroom floors to help people understand where they can stand in relation to other customers. Use those decals as your guide and be sure to respect the distancing of others. If someone is already flipping through the display of flooring you are eyeing, be courteous and allow them time to finish up, while maintaining your safe distance.

Hand Washing

You probably know the drill by now: Hand washing is a must. We provide hand sanitizer for everyone entering our store and ask that you use it before touching any of our displays.

Be Patient

You might arrive at our showroom and find a line up waiting to get in. Don’t let that discourage you. The line tends to go fast, and people also tend to respect the social distancing rule and space themselves out while they wait. Think of it as working in your favour. You’ll be in the showroom soon, with fewer crowds making it easier to browse the flooring choices. Once inside follow the rules mentioned above, and be patient while waiting to view displays if someone else is ahead of you.

Feel Safe Knowing Cleaning is Rigorous

If you are hesitant to come to visit our showroom in person due to germs, feel safe knowing we have adhered to all government guidelines to keep our store sanitized. As mentioned, we also keep hand sanitizer handy so customers can wash their hands before and after flipping through our samples. Our staff will also assist you if you don’t feel safe touching displays!

Safe Installation

If you aren’t planning to DIY your flooring process, our installers are still out there working. Remember, it is not just your safety, but our installers’ safety we need to keep in mind. As a result, you can feel confident that when we come to your home, we are going to use the best pandemic practices to ensure your family and our team is safe. It starts from the moment we load our trucks with your flooring and ends the moment your flooring installation is complete.

Sanitization is top of mind throughout the process using safety protocols to make sure the at-home experience is as safe as possible. We always wear a mask when in your home, and wipe everything down with professional-grade sanitizers when we leave at the end of the day.

Read the Signs

Every retailer has come up with its own protocol based on government guidelines. In our case we recommend you improve your shopping experience by simply reading the signs. From the floor decals that indicate safe distancing to the requests to use hand sanitizer, and directional arrows to help reduce contact throughout the showroom to the spots to stand when waiting to pay, you’ll find everything a little less overwhelming, by following the signs we’ve provided for your convenience.

Call Us

If you are feeling uncertain about shopping in person don’t hesitate to call us. We are still here to answer all of your questions. Whether it is carpet flooring, hardwood, laminate or tile, we can discuss your needs and offer advice on the best flooring options for your home. We are happy to provide a consultation and can send you pictures of the floors we recommend. Our goals are still the same: Ensure you find the ideal home flooring solutions to beautify your home.

When shopping for home flooring Calgary homeowners love, during Covid these tips will make you feel safer, and allow you to find the perfect flooring for your needs.

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