How to Replace the Battery in Your iPad Mini 2

How to Replace the Battery in Your iPad Mini 2

With the proper repair parts and tools, it is more than possible to repair and replace your iPad mini 2 battery. At you can find all the premium Apple replacement parts to help facilitate the processes of replacing your any part that needs fixing on your iPad. When doing at-home repairs, it is essential to follow proper instructions to ensure no damage happens to your device. Here is how to replace your iPad mini 2 battery without causing damage to your iPad.

Before you begin, invest in the following tools to assist in the process:
Heat Gun
Plastic Pick
Menda ESD Spudger
Steel Spatula
Philips screwdriver
Latex Gloves (to prevent fingerprints and smudges)

To begin:
First, be sure the iPad is turned off. Then, detach the iPad mini’s touchscreen. Do so carefully as the screen is glued firmly to the device. Therefore, to disconnect it you must heat the screen with a heat gun to soften the glue so the screen will lift. Next use a plastic pick to raise the screen from the display, detaching the adhesive. Then use the steel spatula to lift the sides off of the display while simultaneously inserting picks between the aluminum frame and display frame. Be sure to have picks inserted in the circumference of the border of the iPad. Carefully separate the upper glass portion of the screen (including the display with the FaceTime camera), lift and remove it from the iPad. Take care not to overstretch the LCD touch screen cables.

Next, remove the adhesive strips for each corner of the iPad, under which you will find the screws. Unscrew the screws. Once the screws are removed, use the spatula to slowly detach the glue from the rear of the LCD panel, being sure not to bend the LCD screen.

Remove the seven identical Philips screws holding the silver rear panel. Then remove the three Philips screws from the silver cable cover. Once all the screws are removed, lift both the rear panel and cover and remove them. Disconnect the LCD connector and remove it. Disconnect the touch screen connector, and use the spudger and detach the cable that is lightly glued in place. Using the flat end of the spudger remove the battery connector, and then remove the battery.

Because the battery is glued to the enclosure, it must be heated so it will lift. Be sure not to overheat. Once the glue is warm use the spudger to lift the battery out. Now, insert the new battery and position it correctly, placing it on the old glue from the previous battery.
Connect the new battery to the battery connector. Then connect the touchscreen cables and press it gently where it was glued to secure it in place. Once the touchscreen cable is in place, you can install the LCD cable, replace the cover, and screw it back into place. Then replace the rear panel and screw that back into place as well.

Reinsert the LCD back into the iPad’s frame and reinsert the four screws that hold it into place. Reattach the adhesive strips to the LCD. Then reattach the screen, making sure no fingerprints or dust gets on it. Reattach the touchscreen. Press the screens together at their edges so that they will firmly fuse, and weight it down for several hours with books or something of equivalent weight. Now, you have replaced your battery!

Replacing your iPad mini 2 battery will save you both time and money, skipping costly repair bills and the time it takes for the job to be done at an outside firm. Find all the parts you need for this repair and more at

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