How to recharge your automotive air conditioning’s refrigerant

How to recharge your automotive air conditioning’s refrigerant

If your automotive air conditioning has broken down, it may be because of one of the most common culprits, a low refrigerant level. If you’re unfamiliar with your car’s internal working then, this may sound intimidating to you however, it’s actually quite simple! When most people experience automotive air conditioning problems, their first reaction is to call a service repair technician. While an auto repair technician is needed for many things when your car malfunctions, refilling your refrigerant does not have to be one of them. You can easily do this yourself with just a little guidance.

How do you know when your refrigerant needs recharging?

Refrigerant is a chemical that is responsible for cooling your car as it cycles through your air conditioning and works to regulate the temperature in your car. There are a few ways that your car will signal to you that it needs more refrigerant. If you experience any of the following problems, then you may need to refill your car with refrigerant.

Room temperature/Lukewarm air

This is by far, the most common symptom that your car will have. If your vehicle is blowing room temperature or warm air, then it may mean that your refrigerant levels are low as the temperature is not being regulated.

Visible leaks

In its liquid state, refrigerant appears to be thin in consistency and grease-like. If you realise that your car is leaking around the compressor, lines or even on its interior, then you may need to refill your refrigerant and visit your repair technician to repair the source of the leak.

Clutch does not engage

If when you turn your auto air conditioning on the clutch does not engage, then it may be that the clutch cannot read your refrigerant levels and thus, won’t engage.

Ice is present on the compressor

The presence of ice on your compressor indicates that your refrigerant levels are too low and moisture is taking its place.

How do you refill your own refrigerant?

Turn off your engine

The first and most important step is to ensure that your car is turned off before you open your bonnet and connect the hose to the refrigerant can. It is extremely dangerous to follow these steps without proper precaution. When you begin this process, make sure that you are wearing goggles and gloves to protect yourself from toxic fumes and the refrigerant.

Connect the hose to the refrigerant can

Put the hose on the can, twisting it simultaneously. Search for the lower-end pot of your air conditioning (there should be an ‘L’ on its cap), remove its cap and connect it to the other end of the hose. Do not lock the pin just yet–tighten the hose and cap and ensure that it is not leaking.

Let out the air

Loosen the can for a few seconds in order to let the air out, then soon after, retighten. Turn the pin clockwise, allowing it to pierce through the can.

Turn on your car and recharge the refrigerant

Turn on your engine and then blast your air conditioning on the coldest setting. Return the can and turn the pin the other way (anti-clockwise). Refrigerant will begin to flow into the air conditioning. Move the can around gently to let it flow into the system.

Remove the hose and enjoy your auto air conditioning

When your refrigerant is done flowing into the air conditioning, turn off the engine and lock the pin. Then, remove the hose and close the air conditioning port back with its cap. Now, you can enjoy your recharge auto air conditioning!

Are you still experiencing problems and need an auto air conditioning repair technician for your car? There are several companies in Sydney who will be able to help repair and replace your auto air conditioning system.

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