How to Protect Yahoo Mail with 2-Step Authentication in Yahoo Account

How to Protect Yahoo Mail with 2-Step Authentication in Yahoo Account

If you’re using Yahoo Mail for exchanging emails and looking for the ways to secure your account against various suspicious and unethical cyber activities like hacking; then, put a full stop to your search and continue reading this blog further as here we’ve mentioned the process of how you (as a Yahoo Mail user) can protect your Yahoo Mail account with the help of “Two-Step Verification (2SV)” method.

This method is considered the best way to protect your account because when ‘Two-Factor Authentication’ or 'Two-Step Verification' is enabled, you’ll need to enter a code sent to your mobile phone along with entering the password in order to login to your Yahoo Mail account. This ‘2FA’ security protocol indicates that, even after your account password is hacked, the hacker cannot access your account without your phone.

So, having the safety and security of your Yahoo Mail account in mind, add two-step verification in Yahoo account using this below mentioned step-by-step guide:

  • In order to add the second layer of security to your Yahoo account first, you need to sign-in to your Yahoo Mail account using correct login credentials i.e., your Yahoo email address and Yahoo password.

  • Then, once you logged in, click on the ‘Account’ icon’ that is there in the upper-right corner of the account home page.

  • After clicking on the ‘Account’ icon, select the option of ‘Account Info’ and then select ‘Account Security’ option from the sidebar that is located directly below the ‘Personal Info.’

  • From ‘Account Security’ locate ‘Two-Step Verification’ toggle switch and simply turn it on in order to enable the ‘2SV.’

  • After this, Yahoo will prompt you to enter a mobile number that you have access to in order to send you a code.

  • Then, as required, enter your mobile number in the required text field and then choose either “Call me or SMS” option to receive an authentication/verification code from Yahoo. However, while entering your mobile number make sure to not include non-numerical characters like “Punctuation or Symbol” characters.

  • Once you’ve provided your mobile number to receive a verification code, Yahoo will send you a code through the option you chose i.e., either you will receive a text message on your mobile number or a direct phone call.

  • After receiving the code from Yahoo, enter the code in the required dialog box that has appeared immediately after you chose the method to receive a code.

  • Once you entered the code, click on the ‘Verify’ option and that’s it!

  • Now, whenever you log in to your Yahoo Mail account, you’ll always be prompted to enter a verification code along with your Yahoo password.

This way, by enabling ‘Two-step verification or Two-factor authentication,’ you’ll be easily able to strengthen your online Yahoo account from suspicious and unethical cyber activities/threats.

Not only that but, along with enabling this second layer security, you can also keep in mind a few tips that we’ve mentioned below to help yourself in keeping your Yahoo account safe from various online threats. Let’s have a look:

  • If you’ve logged in to your Yahoo Mail from a public place and from a public computer then, make sure to sign out from your Yahoo account before leaving that computer in order to prevent your account access by someone else.

  • Make sure to install any good-enough security software in your PC before accessing your account from it.

  • Always sign in to your Yahoo Mail from the official website and from your secure web browser.

  • Never use any other link that redirects you to Yahoo sign-in page as they’re mostly fake links.

  • Also, as you receive a ‘Two-step verification code on your mobile phone, make sure to protect your phone as well with a pin, pattern, or fingerprint.

That’s all! These are the extra measures that you can take while keeping the safety and security of your account in mind. However, for any further assistance in this matter, visit the site ‘Get assist.’

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