How to Move Around In Dubai If You Cannot Drive?

How to Move Around In Dubai If You Cannot Drive?

Dubai is not the kind of place where you can go to relax and just unwind on your country's mansion. People go to Dubai for sightseeing. There is a lot of traveling. A lot of it on foot and a lot of it on cars and buses. There are taxis as well. Add to these the availability of Careems and Ubers. All of these options, depending upon how you use them, can prove to be very economical or very expensive. So rent a car with driver in Dubai for maximum ease

Taxis First!

Taxis in Dubai are notorious for being very expensive and not so light on the pocket. This cannot be far from the truth. Taxis are still the cheapest way of commute apart from walking. Malls in Dubai are as big as they can be. And they will continue to get monstrously big in the future. Plus the slippery tiled flooring makes it even harder to get by. The feet are already tired. We cannot walk everywhere. The expansion of the city, although planned, has made the city even bigger and distances more prolonged. Taxis are cheaper than Ubers and Careems and that is a fact.

Ubers and Careems:

Ubers and Careems are another option to move around town. However, they are expensive than the metro and taxis. During hot summer afternoons, it can be difficult to walk to the station, an application such as Uber and Careem are more convenient to cut out the walking distance and bring the car right to the doorstep. If the money isn’t an issue, and it isn’t for a large population of Dubai since the jobs are nice and pay handsomely, where the living standard is better than 80% of the rest of the world, Uber's and Careers are a good option. Plus, you will not have to speak for directions in an Uber. Until the latest advancement of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) where the transport options are all interconnected through the Internet of things (IoT) becomes functional, these apps are useful.

Chauffeur driven Car rentals in Dubai:

Having said that, however, there is still a very good option left on the table that we haven’t really touched upon yet. The service is car rentals. Rent a car and with a driver that is even better. It is not the ideal mean for all seasons and situations. But for a few situations, it is. Let us say that you have are on a trip to Dubai that is going to be more than a single day. There are multiple stops and destinations. Whether you are sightseeing or visiting friends and family in different areas of Dubai, hiring a chauffeur-driven car in Dubai is going to be the perfect thing for you. You will not have to worry about directions because most of the drivers that come from car rentals are well trained and know the ins and outs of the city.

They are well versed in English and can easily communicate in the most dominant language in the world. Special requests can also be made asking for drivers who are well versed in your language of choice. The ultimate point which makes chauffeur driven cars the easiest and relaxing experience is because the drivers provided aren’t just drivers. Most of them, especially offered by good car rentals are trained in hospitality courses and they know just the right tricks to make you feel right at home and in your own car. For multiple days and multiple spots, hiring a car with a driver is going to be surprisingly more economical than, let’s say a taxi. Metros are always going to be cheaper but they come at the expense of another type. Fatigue.

They also come with the luxury of choice. You can also go to sports car rental in Dubai. With a taxi, you cannot pick and choose the type of car you want. When dealing with a car rental you can select any car that you want. Maybe it has been your lifelong dream to ride a Ferrari or a Mercedes Benz S500. An AMG tuned Mercedes is one of the most desired cars in the world, you won’t be getting an AMG if you go for a taxi. There is certain independence that comes with renting a car. You know you aren’t engaging a car that is meant to be serving other people if you just happen to stop midway to buy a drink or a water bottle. Taxi drivers often aren’t very willing to wait for you even for 5 minutes. That 5-minute time frame could’ve been better utilized in their view. Now whether that view is legitimate or not can be discussed but it does not need to be discuses since it is their view and it is what it is.

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