How To Master Commercial Ice Machine Repair In 6 Simple Step- Commercial Ice Machine Repair Near Me

How To Master Commercial Ice Machine Repair In 6 Simple Step- Commercial Ice Machine Repair Near Me

Ice machines are the devices used to make ice either for commercial or residential use. These machines are used to make ice used for many purposes. For instance, in restaurants and hospitals, ice machines are used to make ice. These machines can make huge quantities of ice. Nearly, these ice machines work on the same principle. So, water is pumped from the backside outlet of the ice machine and then entered into the evaporator. After that, this condenser makes ice from water. A variety of ice makers are available in the market with different specs. But just like any other electronic device, many maintenance issues can occur. For these repair services, you end up searching ‘hire commercial ice machine repair near me’.

Problems with ice machines and their solutions

You can encounter many problems with these ice-making machines. So, the common reasons behind the issues with ice maker include:

  1. First and foremost, is the malfunctioning of waterline or any change in its setting
  2. Another problem can be with the water inlet valve
  3. Or accidental enabling of pause features
  4. Moreover, disturbed settings of the thermostat is also problematic

Whatever the issue is, these ice maker's problems need professional assistance to solve the issues. Besides this, ice machines often come with user manuals to check the troubleshoots to check on your own. But it’s better to hire someone having relevant qualifications to perform your work efficiently. There are many benefits of hiring professional service providers. These people have experience in dealing with such issues. Further, they can reach the main problem in a relatively shorter period. Besides this, they are equipped with tools and aware of standard practices.

6 steps of ice machine problems diagnosis

Before solving the problem, one needs to diagnose the actual issue with the ice machine. You can diagnose these issues in the following 6 steps:

1- Visual analysis

To initiate the process you need to ask a few problems with the machines. Many issues can be immediately solved by observing the machine. Some common issues with these ice machines may include:

  • The improper installation of ice machines
  • Problem with air temperature or any other restriction
  • The ice machine is not at the level
  • Obstruction in water flow
  • Drains are not properly running
  • The condenser is dirty

2- Ice production

Ice machines definitely have a variable capacity for making ice. So, the volume of ice directly depends upon water and the air temperature. You can consider these operation conditions:

  • The temperature of condenser inlet
  • The temperature of the water inlet
  • Publish 24-hour ice production
  • Calculate the ice production by the formula
  • Then record your findings and compare them with published ones in operating conditions

3-Ice fill patterns

You can check the ice fill patterns to see if the entire evaporator is freezing at the same time. Ice fill patterns can vary as

  • Normal ice fill having even thickness
  • Thin on top and thick on the bottom
  • Record the pattern and compare it with the standard ones

4- Water-related problems

These problems have the same issues just as the refrigeration system. Water-related problems can be related to

  • Dirty water area that needs cleaning
  • Poor water pressure
  • Obstruction in water filter
  • Malfunctioning of the dump valve
  • Absence of vent tube
  • Water leakage through houses
  • Stuck water inlet valve
  • Water freezing behind evaporators
  • Uneven water flows across evaporators

5- Refrigeration problems

This is the next step in ice machine diagnosis. To check refrigeration problems analyze the discharge pressure. It can have the problem of excessive load conditions, dirt condenser, fan motor defect, high side lines restriction, etc. Moreover, suction pressure analysis can also indicate the problem. High discharge pressure, hot gas valve, inefficient compression, low and high suction pressure can be the relevant problems. Further, you can also check hot gas valve problems and discharge line temperature for further diagnosis. Additionally, compressor issues can also be another refrigerator problem which can be indicated by reduced ice production, ice fill patterns, suction pressure, etc.

6- Final analysis:

This step deals with the refrigerant problem. Then, you can fill out the charts based on the observations of previous steps.


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