How To Get Professional Ecommerce Product Shots Yourself

How To Get Professional Ecommerce Product Shots Yourself

Ecommerce is on the rise day by day and considering the situations lately, it is safe to say that the industry will only grow stronger from the year 2020 and onwards. A lot of businesses are already aware of this development and making efforts to establish themselves in the highly competitive eCommerce market. There are multiple factors that can provide an eCommerce business with the advantage over its peers from website design, quality products, exceptional digital marketing campaigns, best website hosting, and quality eCommerce product photography. The latter can act as a make or break factor for any eCommerce business. Therefore it is necessary to pay special attention to your product photography if you want to stand out from your competitors.

The easiest way to generate leads and customers to your website is with the help of effective digital marketing, fast loading, and response times from your host, and a focus on the user experience through website design.

However, you may hit a roadblock in your sales funnel and fail to promote your products to their full potential because of inferior quality photography and presentation on your website. High-quality photography can really create a difference in eCommerce trade. Everyone knows that excellent presentation is one of the keys to a successful business.

There is no need to hire professional photographers and blow out your budget by shooting your products. All it takes is a little dedicated time, research, and effort and you can shoot your own products like a pro!

We’ve put together our insider tips and expert tricks to help you out:

The Backdrop:

When it comes to professional-looking product photography, a white backdrop will usually make the most difference. Not only is it the easiest, cleanest thing to shoot with but it will make any lighting or post-production much easier for you. It can reflect light and direct it towards your products, helping you to create a perfectly illuminated and focused picture. It will also help you in showing the actual color of the product. The white backdrop is also effective to avoid any color spills during photography. This will help you in maintaining the right white balance calibration of your camera.


Photography is all about using the perfect amount of light in the best way possible to get the desired effect. The easiest way to save time and money and still get a great effect is to make use of good natural lighting. It is free, easy and doesn’t require any electricity as well. You can use a window to get the sunlight focused on your products. You can also diffuse the sunlight by placing a white sheet in front of the window. It should be noted that you can either have a window at the left or right of the subject and not behind or in front of it in order to prevent harsh shadows and ensure even lighting.

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