How to find a Great job as a graduate in the post Covid 19 World?

How to find a Great job as a graduate in the post Covid 19 World?

The Covid 19 Epidemic has been a game changer for most people as it has lasted almost 10 months, though now everyone is hoping that the lockdowns and some other restrictions imposed by this epidemic will end. We all know that some of the restrictions like social distancing, wearing of masks while in public and use of some sort of protective equipment while at work are here to stay for the long run, but the others will go hopefully in some time. For people looking for jobs in the healthcare industry after completing their graduation this year things are going to be the same, as so much has happened in the world and we can’t go back to the past, we will need to move forward.

The Epidemic has affected the lives of millions of Indians, one way or the other. People have lost their loved ones, jobs, and their sense of financial security and panic was created as supplies sometimes ran short due to the lockdowns imposed by the government. People with jobs in the medical field also faced tough times as they went through a lot of pain on the personal and professional front, as sometimes they had to make tough decisions, on their place of work and conditions of work. People with jobs in healthcare industry have had to face their share of anxieties, losses and pain, and even stress disorders, but now they need to reflect, speak to a professional and move ahead. For people who have just graduated, the job market is tough, as most employers are looking for candidates with experience and if one needs to get a good job one may have to network with healthcare HR recruiters to be called for an interview. In this blog piece, we shall look at what are challenges a fresh graduate will face while searching for his first job in the medical field

The first obstacle that most fresh graduates will face is the employers looking to hire people with a few years of experience, for fresh Medical graduates this can be very frustrating as they may have the required skills and knowledge but do not make the grade for lack of experience. To overcome this obstacle, they can include a section in their CV about their skills, which will come right after their education section and highlight the section so that the best healthcare HR staffing agencies that review your application can justify calling you for an interview.

Another challenge that first time job seekers may face is the lack of open positions for their specialization. The candidate should not limit himself/herself to applying for open positions, but also check out clinics, nursing homes, smaller infirmaries if they have any openings. The candidate should make a list of such places and call and speak to the person who looks after hiring and inquire if he could still send his/her CV even if they do not have an open position at the moment for future reference.

Another challenge that candidates face is that they do not have the right connections to get a job. Candidates can overcome this by connecting with the best Hospital job placement agencies making it known to the recruiters that you are looking for a job. Also start by volunteering at a facility, which will help you make the right connections, and also ask known professionals in the field if you could use them as a reference in your resume.

The next challenge that first time job seekers face, is that they are too specific about the kind of job they want to do. As this is their first job, they should look at getting a decent job and later think about their dream job. They should also thing about looking for jobs outside their city of choice and there are plenty of best recruitment agencies in India, who could help them find jobs in cities that are close by.

While ending this piece, the only advice that we can offer fresh graduates is that do not get discouraged and depressed, if the job search is taking time. There are numerous job opportunities in India, and Ozajobs is a portal that will help you find the right job in the healthcare industry.

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