How to find a good reliable skillful Magento developer?

How to find a good reliable skillful Magento developer?

Believe it or not, one cannot run a Magento store without a certified, reliable, skilled professional Magento developer because there is always something which needs to fix in Magento. According to the reports 240,000 online business are using Magento, and that number is only growing, it is no surprise that there is a high demand for Magento developers. But the question is how to hire certified Magento developer?

Magento is an open source platform which is known one of the most complex e-commerce platforms, even if you compare Magento with Opencart, Shopify, Magento stand out among them in terms of SEO, user interface, customization types automation and shipments of products, etc.

Below are the given expertise which you can expect from your Magento developer

  1. Why need to hire Magento developer?

Before getting to know how to hire a Magento developer first, you should understand why you need a web developer because Magento is a complicated tool which requires technical knowledge. So, if you wish to run a full-fledged online business, and don’t know dos of Magento, then you would need a certified professional to address all your hardships.

Advantages of Hiring a Certified Magento Developer

  • Time-saving- Hiring a professional web developer saving up a lot of time you don’t need to do complex coding and other stuff. As an experienced Magento expert is capable of tackling everything on his own, you can focus on other tasks such as branding, marketing, and sales, etc.
  • Technical Assistance- Apart from building your website and dealing with logical stuff, a sound Magento developer will also help you with PSD or HTML theme development customization and make the best use of all future updates in Magento. They will also try to enhance your technical knowledge about Magento.
  • Modification- Making your e-commerce store stand out is a difficult task which requires uniqueness and creativity on your website. When you hire a Magento developer, you assure to have a fully customized site which looks and feels professional.
  • Better Performance- Hiring an experienced professional developer means ensuring better performance especially if you don’t have much technical knowledge, a Magento developer can improve your website appearance, and manage all the backend issues.

2. Analyze your requirements- Before contacting developers and asking for quotes, spare some time to create a detailed plan where you jot down all your business needs you desire to include in your website, for this you don’t need to be an expert, basic Magento understandings are sufficient to explore the main points, difficulties and soft corners of your store. Be clear about your priorities, time tables and especially your budget. Magento professionals have the potential to take you far if they come to know you have researched well. Remember the key to success is staying up to date throughout the development process.

3. Finding an agency- Magento involves in many e-commerce aspects such as design, implementation, business logic, PHP programming, drop shipping, usability and content marketing, etc. If somebody says to be an expert in all the features, then you need to be suspicious and ask multiple questions before hiring. The best solution to adequately address all the facts of setting up developing a Magento enterprise is hiring a team or a Magento development agency where every individual will have theirs on specialty. There is a fierce competition in such type of agencies, and these companies may vary in price, size availability and the quality, so make sure get the best quote from different development companies before you make the decision.

4. Certified Magento Developers- There are numerous online training courses which are operated by Magento Corporation to certify the developers. These certification exams are mainly for the professionals who want to stand out from the competition with Magento credentials to show their seriousness towards work. There are several types of certifications which are categorized by their expertise with Magento platforms like Magento certified developer, certified frontend developer, developer plus social learning group certification and moderator kit. For example, a Magento solution specialist is a professional who can efficiently merge your business with Magento functionality specifically concerning e-commerce.

5. Portfolio- Customer reviews are necessary, but they can be deceiving too as many customers don’t know the difference between a standard quality site and a remarkable one. And that’s why you may see some excellent reviews written by the people who liked the developer or some negative reviews from people who have a great website but not satisfied with the service. So, the best way to judge the developer's work is to ask them for their portfolio. You must pay attention to crucial things like user flows, navigation, internal links and accessibility of information and ease of use.

So, in a nutshell selecting a right Magento developer is just a beginning of your journey to a successful and leading e-commerce store, it is a significant step which will affect your online business and its ability for the coming years. So, it is essential to select a reliable, tenable and experiences Magento Development Company or a univalent freelancer who will get a quality Magento E-commerce website.


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