Google review is important because new customers are more likely to trust existing customer reviews rather than brand commercials as they are based on the true experience of customers and are also unbiased. Over 90% of consumers rely on reviews before they'll consider giving you their money to your brand. So, google reviews play a very important role.

Most of the businesses use their websites as their main channel for commercial activities. Embedding Google reviews to the website of a company or business can give them a big credibility boost without spending much time. Businesses who take advantage of Google reviews are in a position to rank higher in local search results. Nowadays people search even for every small thing on Google. Consumers simply take out their phones and google about gyms stores and nearby good restaurants. These days Google reviews are the main initial deciding factor for consumers. So why not embed Such reviews to your website? You must be thinking about how to display reviews on the website?

Ways To Embed Google Reviews Widget

Let us dig into two different ways through which you can embed Google Reviews widget on your website :

Directly add reviews from Google

One of the default method to add your Google reviews is by embedding them directly. You just have to sign in to your Google accounts which controls your business listings and load your Google+ business page. You will then see a share icon located at the lower right corner of the review, click on it. Then click on the “Options” arrow present on the shared post and select "Embed Post" from the menu. Now all you need to do is copy the header code and open the review page of your website. The header code needs to be pasted there between <head></head>HTML tags on the page.Copy the content code and paste it wherever you want your Google reviews to be displayed.

Although this method is easiest and free the only limitation here is that you have to add reviews one by one which is time-consuming.

Use UGC Tools like Taggbox Widget

So another method that one can use to embed their precious Google reviews is by using social media aggregators which can help brands to collect all their reviews in a single feed and then embed it on the website .

One of the best social media aggregators is Taggbox. With Taggbox you can create a vibrant and attractive social media wall.

That's how you can use Taggbox to embed your Google reviews widget :

  • Purchase a website plan according to your required features or you can also create a free trial account in the beginning, to test out all the features before deciding about a purchase.

  • Once you have created an account it will ask you to “Create a Widget”. Click on create widget a pop-up window will appear, enter the wall name, and then click on Create a Wall.

  • Once you create a wall. ‘Pick a source’ pop-up that appears, so select Google as your source from the different social media platforms available.

  • A new pop-up appears, choose my location or enter the location to pull feeds and click on create wall.

  • Enter the required details and authorize to fetch Google reviews continuously from Google. Taggbox then automatically fetches reviews.

You are then again redirected to your wall dashboard where you can change the look and feel of your wall to make it more attractive. The tool provides various Personalisation features like themes, background, custom posts, font colors, social sharing options, etc. Another feature is moderation wherein you can filter out the unwanted posts before making them public. This is an amazing feature to avoid negative reviews from getting displayed on your website. Apart from this Taggbox offers analytics to track performance, custom CSS, profanity filter, and many more amazing features.

Embedding on Website Using Taggbox

  • This is a user-friendly tool that allows you to embed your website just in few clicks. You can simply Choose Embed widget from the bottom left corner. Choose your platform from the given option website like HTML, WordPress, Wix, etc. Click on get code and just paste the code at the backend of the website where you want your wall to be embedded.

Last Words google

By embedding Google reviews on your website you can experience a big credibility boost, increase user engagement, and develop trust among your new users as well as existing users. Integrating this in your marketing strategy can provide an incredible return on investment. Not only this Google reviews acts as social proof for your brand.

If you are not yet embedding Google reviews on your website then you are potentially missing out on advantages that your competitors may be utilizing.

Start embedding Google reviews on your website now and see the difference yourself.

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