How To Design Rustic Style Kitchen

How To Design Rustic Style Kitchen

Whether your home is a mountain cabin, small apartment, or a big house in the suburbs, you can make it your own and unique by designing it. For most people, the kitchen is a very important part of the house. We spend a lot of time there while preparing meals, or eating. So why not make it special, and just the way you like it.

Rustic style kitchen

Nowadays, a popular style for kitchens is the rustic style. The main idea for that style is to make it old-fashioned, simple, and homey. Rustic describes natural, aged, and casual. It is the complete opposite of modern and contemporary designs. The main key to a rustic kitchen is often simplicity, and the use of raw materials.

Elements of rustic style

Rustic style kitchens are based on the use of natural materials like wood. Most of the time cabinets, centre island, breakfast bar, shelves, countertops, and flooring will be made out of wood. Beams throughout the kitchen will be elegantly exposed. Rustic cabinets are often built from reclaimed wood from old barns, as well as from cedar, pine, and hickory. This type of wood has unique characteristics such as wide grain, knots, and imperfections which add to the charm of the cabinets.

Another natural element appearing in the rustic kitchen is natural stone. It can be laid to create flooring, be incorporated into walls, or it can be used to build a special stone oven. Limestone tiles are a popular choice for stone kitchen flooring.

The colours that you may find in most rustic kitchen designs are earth tones, such as brown or tan. But blues, greens, gold, and grey colours are a popular choice as well.

One of the favoured elements of rustic kitchens is open shelves mainly for their simplicity and, utility. For people who like efficient cooking, an open shelf makes a lot of sense by placing and retrieving items faster and easier. The style with open shelving works well for smaller kitchens as it creates the illusion of roomier space.

Add modernity to rustic kitchen

How about mixing modern and rustic. Some people while designing their kitchen focus on the main point. It can be placed with a free-standing kitchen island or a backsplash. Backsplash can create a high-end finish to a focal point in your kitchen. It is also very useful as it protects the wall behind the cooker from splashes, and stains while cooking. Popular materials for a backsplash are copper tiles, brass tiles, and stainless steel. The use of these metals for a backsplash will make your kitchen unique. Some designs even look like metal wall art. Copper tiles are appreciated by their deep metallic colour and the fact that they are resistant to heat and corrosion. A stainless steel backsplash will bring a simple look as well as brighten the whole place around it. This metal is a great choice to use in compact kitchens as it gives the illusion of space. Brass tiles are another fantastic choice for creating a backsplash as they will add a touch of elegance and luxury with its bright gold, or reddish-gold appearance. Metal wall tiles will bring a beautiful and unique look to any rustic style kitchen.

Rustic kitchens are cosy and have that warm feeling, not like modern hi-gloss, minimalist style.

There is nothing better than the charm of a beautifully designed comfortable, and functional rustic style kitchen.

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