How to Curate the Perfect Perfume Wardrobe

How to Curate the Perfect Perfume Wardrobe

Do you often have to spend a lot of time in choosing a fragrance before you go out for the day? Are you constantly thinking of buying new perfumes and getting rid of the old ones? If yes, then you should consider refreshing your perfume wardrobe by adding new fragrances according to the fall season and getting rid of the old unused ones. If you need help in learning how to curate the perfect perfume wardrobe then just keep scrolling to come across some really valuable tips.

Try and Decide

The first step is quite obvious. You should try every fragrance you own and decide which fragrance you ought to keep. Here’s some advice, get rid of the fragrances that don’t smell appealing anymore (because of change in your hormone levels and skin’s acid mantle) and the ones that you need to spray too much even to detect the smell. Many stores recycle perfume bottles responsibly so you should look for them rather than putting all the fragrance bottles in the dustbin.

Expand the Collection

Once you have gotten rid of the old and not to be used perfumes, you should think of expanding your existing collection by trying out new scents by visiting a website that offers a huge collection of fragrance online in Canada. Though you are free to buy new bottles of the same fragrances you just discarded, we urge you to try new fragrances in the same fragrance family. For instance, if you want to buy a new floral scent, don’t just stick to jasmine, expand your collection by trying lavender fragrances too.

Decide the When of Every Fragrance

If you don’t want to end up with a lot of perfume bottles that you rarely use and let them gather dust sitting on the same shelf for years, then you should pick a fragrance on the basis of where you can wear it. For instance, some fragrances can be reserved for special occasions while some can be worn every morning when you go to work.

Remember Numbers Matter

You should decide how many fragrances do you need on the basis of your perfume habits. The ideal number is usually 3 to 5, but no one is stopping you from sticking to just two favorite perfumes or buying six if you want to. Just make sure that you have enough room to accommodate them all and the opportunity to use them before they start losing their charm (which is between three to six months in most cases).

Pick the Classics

If you often wonder why can’t you quit using the most famous 90s fragrance and you hope to break this habit then you should know there is no harm in letting a few classics in your perfume wardrobe if they lift your mood or remind you of a loved one (like your grandmother). After all, one of the main reasons to wear perfume should be its ability to trigger positive emotions in you.

Now that you have learned the basics of how to curate the perfect perfume wardrobe, your next step should be to store all the bottles in a cool place and use each of them before they lose their charm.

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