How to create a Mobile App Requirements Document

How to create a Mobile App Requirements Document

A mobile application requirement document is also known as a product specification document. It is nothing but groundwork of your mobile enterprise app. It also gives you an outline of about business logic, enlists the technical detail and also works as a guide for your development team from initial concept stage to the endpoint.

Why building a Mobile App requirements document is so crucial?

For instance, you need to develop an enterprise mobile application, and you have described your need to an app development team. Therefore, when you see the developed version of your app, looks so different from what your company needs. Thus the discrepancy had arisen because the mobile app builder did not get a clear idea of your needs before he started developing the mobile app. Therefore a formalized document will undoubtedly give a more concrete shape to your idea along with that it also provides a clear picture to your development team so that you will be able to make sure that a mobile app developer understands your requirement thoroughly.

Below are the given steps to understand about building a mobile application requirement document easily:

Formulate an Idea Description

The description of an idea should be provided in a single sentence. So that the reader should be able to understand the true purpose behind the mobile app and therefore connect with its usability almost instantly.

Give the Right Sequence

Once you know about the basic navigation pattern, you will be able to describe the sequence the way end user going to explore it. So first you describe a bit about how the initial screens such as on-boarding screen and user registration screen etc. will be. Additionally, don’t ignore private policy and forget password features.

Refer to Existing Applications

See the applications which already exist in the current market. So, that it will help you to identify what feature you would want to have in your application. For instance, if you like a specific element in an app, then you can even add it your mobile application requirements documents as well.

Identify the Priority Features

Identify the priority features is play an essential role in developing an app. Therefore you should accurately convey your developer that what features you want to have and what all the features you can avoid or can consider as secondary. So that it can help the developers to identify what they need to focus on a priority basis.

Give only Relevant Details

While making mobile application development requirements, the primary focus should be on functions of the mobile app instead of the color of buttons, etc. because these details can be taken on a lesser priority. You can even skip this detail as an end user's priority to know, whether your application can solve their problems or not.

Create wireframes

Whenever you give the text to the developers, provide wireframes of the mobile application as well. If there are four or more wireframes screens, then you can create the screen map because screen maps complement the text in the requirement document even further. However, wireframes help in giving visual representation and helps the developers to understand the description in a more accurate way.

Choosing Platforms

The ideal approach for developing an application is on both the platforms however that not always feasible because sometimes you have to build for one platform and then introduce on the second platform, for a reason such as time constraints, budgets, and resource limitations, etc. Therefore, both iOS and Android offer different advantages but also attract different users.

Maintenance and Upgrade Requirements

Once you launch your app in the market, you need to plan for the cost of maintaining your app to fix bugs and meet system upgrade requirements. Therefore, it includes a long term mobile app vision which accounts for end-user to demands improvement and new features interactions of the mobile app.

The goal of creating a mobile app development requirement document is to provide a foundation for a successful product. So, mapping out business and technical requirements, dependencies, etc. will give you excellent information about the project. Therefore while development; questions are bound to come, even if questions are not answered in the document, still you have to make sure to add them to avoid any miscommunication. So, during the process of defining a product, it is always important to keep the focus on delivering higher value to the marketplace because it is easy to get distracted by competitors, vocal customers, and architectural issues.

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