How to Choose Your VPS Hosting Provider

How to Choose Your VPS Hosting Provider

VPS Hosting means Virtual Private Server that provides you dedicated resources virtually, on shared hosting another user can affect your website or application performance but on VPS they cannot because you will use private resources. If you are using payment gateways, videos, or audios on your website or application or if your website is getting more traffic then you need to upgrade our hosting from shared to VPS.

Why VPS Hosting?

First of all, you need to know what you will get from having your own virtual private server called VPS. Your website might grow on shared hosting from the beginning but if is it getting slow or hanged by getting more traffic, using videos, or other heavy application then its time to look at VPS. VPS provides you more control, a secure environment, dedicated storage, RAM, and bandwidth. There are lots of business websites that are carrying out separated limited of potential customers. So it's really important to stand out your website or application from others.

Now How To Choose Good or Best VPS Provider.

You need to look at some of the features and points that you need to keep on your mind while choosing your VPS hosting provider before you make your decision.

1.Server Uptime: This is the most important thing that you need to check uptime review of servers of hosting provider nobody accepts server that may get frequently down. There are many hosting providers that say they providing guaranteed uptime but you need to ask for SLA Service Level Agreement in this case, if they can provide SLA then you can trust. If the hosting provider providing 99.99% uptime than you will mostly cost more than a 99.95% guarantee so it's acceptable but if someone provides you less than 99.95% guarantee on SLA then you should not accept that because it can harm your website and business. Always focus on more than 99.95% with an SLA guarantee.

2.Performance: After check uptime quality you need to check server performance and website speed, that depends on below resources.

a.Hard Disk that should be the latest one as SSD nvme is best in present performance-wise. If someone offering SATA or another HDD than you should avoid because these kind of hard disks are very slow and unsecured.

b.Website and server performance depends on RAM and bandwidth also, so you need to choose higher port like 1GBPS/10GBPS and RAM you should choose DDR5 or higher that will perform better and the website or application will work smoother.

3.Managed vs. Unmanaged VPS: The next point you need to talk to the prospective provider about the VPS is managed or unmanaged? The server which are you buying which services are included like control panel and other software will be installed or will it be updated along with other services you required from the hosting provider. With unmanaged VPS most of these will be places to you only that you need to manage your server at your end, so check first with things you can manage then you need to order your server.

4.Cost: If we are talking about VPS than it will cost you lower than dedicated server, it's like fit an elephant in a room, you will get all dedicated server features at just a 30% cost. A low-cost VPS may budgetary consideration but you need to know about all features that you need for your website performance, a cheap VPS can harm your website performance and you may face downtime and traffic glitches.

5.Dedicated Resources: Now let's talk about resources that you will get on VPS, well its VPS means virtual private server so you will get all dedicated resources on a virtual platform. Your server will share server resources with other VPS that’s are created on-base machine or main server, but your VPS will work separately from others. In short, if load comes on the main server and is it go slow then obviously your VPS also will get slower performance.

6.24X7 Customer Support: Always you need to know the support system of the company, you have to ask what type of support they are providing, what is response and resolution time. Also, check with ways to communicate, if you are getting the call, mail, chat support then it will be best for you.

VPS virtual private server hosting is best for website or application hosting than shared hosting, you will get an almost dedicated server hosting at a low cost. As we mentioned all points that you need to check before buy a VPS, you need to check the VPS plans also that which VPS will be suitable for your website so you need to choose the best VPS plan.

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