How to Choose the Perfect Bridesmaid Dress

How to Choose the Perfect Bridesmaid Dress

When planning for your special day, the first dress that’s going to have all of your attention is obviously your wedding dress. However, there’s another dress that needs to be considered and chosen very carefully – the bridesmaid dress. As if the task of choosing the perfect wedding dress for your own body type isn’t difficult enough, now you’re faced with the Herculean task of choosing one dress style to flatter your many bridesmaids’ body types. The bridesmaid dress will be the second dress in the spotlight behind your own, so you must choose carefully and make sure your girls look their best. To help make the process less overwhelming for you, we got in touch with JJsHouse designer, Jessica, who gave us her top tips on how to choose the perfect bridesmaid dress.

Consider the Color

While your first instinct might be to match the bridesmaid dress with the color scheme of your wedding, you should also consider the various skin tones of your brides. If the dresses match your flowers, but make the bridesmaids look washed-out or uncomfortable, the effect won’t be so pretty. Look at all the different dress shades available and choose one that both flatters your girls and matches your color scheme.

Go for a Subtle Style

Don’t forget that you and your wedding dress are supposed to be the stars of the show. When choosing the style of dress for your bridesmaids, look for ones that are less and more subtle so that you’re not outshined on your special day.

Involve the Bridesmaids

The best way to make sure that everyone looks their best is to involve your bridesmaids in various parts of the dress-picking process. Choose a day to get everyone together and visit a dress shop for fittings. If that’s not possible, discuss various elements and get their opinions – it might help you make up your mind if there’s something you’re not sure about. If you’re open to it, you can even let each bridesmaid choose the most flattering cut for her body type so that you have a coordinated look for the wedding but each girl gets to flaunt a part of her own personal style.

Don’t Forget the Shoes and Accessories

It’s easy to leave the shoes and accessories as an afterthought, but these should remain at the forefront of your mind and planning throughout the entire process. Shoes are especially important if you’ve chosen a shorter dress style, and accessories can really make or break the complete look.

Be Prepared, but Have Fun

Try to take some of the stress out of dress planning by making dates with your girls throughout the process that are part business, part pleasure. For example, after dress fittings, enjoy an evening at the spa or go for a nice dinner. Set up little meetings where you indulge in drinks, snacks and games at home while discussing dress details. There are plenty of ways to make the process more fun. Above all else, be creative and keep an open mind.

Look for Online Deals

Once you have a pretty good idea of the perfect bridesmaid dress for your wedding, check out some of the awesome online deals from reputable retailers such as JJsHouse, which is a leading name in dresses for special occasions. They have a great selection of wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses and party dresses to choose from. They also offer a wide range of shoes, accessories and hair products for your special day so that no detail is forgotten.

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