How to Choose Hashtags on Instagram to Make Your Business Known

How to Choose Hashtags on Instagram to Make Your Business Known

The rules of the Instagram #hashtag have changed

Instagram hashtags are still a great way to increase the number of followers and reinforce the brand image. But how to choose the right hashtags on Instagram to make your business known?

The purpose of a hashtags, in short, is to filter messages concerning the same topic in a single space. This makes it easier for social media users to see and compare the information they are interested in. The hashtags are for Instagram what SEO is for Google that is the way to be found.

From the hashtags to follow to how to add them to Instagram Stories, in this article we will reveal all the secrets of Instagram; We will suggest new ways to integrate the best hashtags into your posts in order to grow your business and we will also give you tips that you can strategically use to reach your marketing goals.

# 1: Find the right hashtag for your account

To succeed with hashtags, it is important to plan a strategy first. The most popular hashtags are simple words like #love #happy and #dog, but these hashtags won't do much for your long-term growth. This is why it is better to choose hashtags that guarantee more engagement.

The effectiveness of the hashtags, then, is not only due to those you use, but also to how many you use. Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags in a post. Research has shown that the photos with 11 hashtags are the most successful ones.

But how to find the coolest and most creative hashtags? We explain everything below.

# 2: Use specific hashtags that describe your profile, target, market

First of all, it is advisable to use hashtags that are relevant to your profile. How to find and choose these hashtags? Simple: write a hashtag in the search bar and choose 'Tag'. This way you will see all the linked searches and all the photos that use it. It can also be helpful to do a search within your audience and your competitors, so you can see which hashtags they use and which generates the most involvement. Random use of hashtags in your posts will not grow your audience; on the contrary, you need to understand which ones you can use effectively to add value to your content.

# 3: Choose relevant hashtags, it's the most important thing!

Instagram has recently added the opportunity to follow hashtags and this means that a user does not have to search for a hashtag and shake without stopping among thousands of photos to find what interests him. The posts will automatically appear in the feed of your potential followers. The Instagram algorithm has always favored the use of specific and relevant hashtags, but this new way of using them is of another level; Users now have the power to include your hashtag content from their feed and you can make your own wikipedia with the help of professional wikipedia page creators.

When a user follows a specific hashtags, suggested posts will appear in his feed. They also have the option of using a new option, that is: no more messages from his hashtags. This option allows the user to choose or exclude certain contents that are considered irrelevant.

# 4: Use different hashtags in each post to ensure that you don't want to spam.

Due to the confusion generated by the shadow ban phenomenon, one thing has become clear: you can't use the same hashtags for your posts. But what exactly is shadow ban? In our next post we'll explain it better.

If you are still using the same hashtags in every post, the Instagram algorithm could identify your profile as spam and negatively affect its visibility. This is a fairly recent rule that aims to stimulate users to use relevant hashtags every time they post something.

So don't fall into the trap of #likeforlike or #followforfollow, they have already been used millions of times and are not considered quality.

# 5: Use unique hashtags

You can even create and use specific hashtags for your brand, product or campaign and try to generate engagement by asking your followers to post or share content with them.


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