How to carry out your own van conversion to create a dream home on wheels

How to carry out your own van conversion to create a dream home on wheels

If one of your goals or desires in life is to carry out motorhome conversions but you aren’t sure where to begin, this article will cover what you need to know. There is a lot to van transformations, but this shouldn’t put you off as once you get to grips with it you’ll be well on your way. Whether or not you intend on converting more than one van in the future, this article will outline what it takes to carry out bespoke van conversions.


It’s important to have the right tools at hand when carrying out motorhome conversions, as a lot of cutting is involved to shape the van to be yours. Depending on your plans for your conversion, you might need to use more than one tool to carry out the job effectively such as with creating your bed space. And so here’s a brief breakdown of the tools you’ll need: a drill, jigsaw (for cutting), insulation materials, batteries, electrics including fuses, wires and lights, an inverter, water and gas facilities and a pencil! Keeping this list in mind, what you choose to use can vary when carrying out van transformations, as you might want to have solar panels installed too, which will require some more tools for the job. Furthemore, you need to think about if you want a fridge and washing facilities such as a shower installed.

What type of van is best for bespoke van conversions?

Again, depending on what you desire your conversion to be like to meet your needs, will ultimately differ what van you choose to convert. Although this may be the case, there are some factors that you can consider to help in your decision. Some of these include height, length, depth, weight and your current license limits. Moreover, your budget will come into play when it comes to motorhome conversions, as some vans are fairly expensive. Typically, most people wanting to carry out their own van transformations opt for the Mercedes Sprinter. The reason for this comes down to their roomy interiors, as well as easy to find parts. Some other van models you can choose also includes the VW Crafter. Ultimately, whatever you make a final decision on, ensure you check the inside and take any necessary measurements before purchasing.

What can I do with my campervan once it’s complete?

Once you have transformed your chosen van and carried out your customisation, you can then reap the benefits of your hard work! The best thing about bespoke van conversions is they specifically fulfill your needs, as you were the one who designed and built it to meet them! You will experience more enjoyment out of it, than if you were ever to purchase one ready-made. What’s more, you can travel and move around it in as much as you please, as everything you can possibly need is in your van. Camping and road trips are made so much easier once you have your finished campervan conversion. It’s important to have some essential supplies with you though in order to keep your camper efficient for use. Some of these are having enough water on board, having the right chemicals for your toilet (if you are so implied) and having enough of the right food stocked up.

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