How to Buy a water Purifier?

How to Buy a water Purifier?

All sources of water are rapidly getting polluted due to various reasons, and as a consequence of such various reasons, the water we drink is becoming impure will a lot of impurities getting filled up in these water sources. This has lead to a number of diseases that occur in the human body. Hence it is necessary to consume the water that is pure and drinkable. To have the pure water one can rely on the device known as a water purifier.

Buying a water purifier for a home depends on various factors and following are the points that need to be considered before choosing one for buying.

1. Quality of water: it must be ensured whether the water you are getting is hard water or not. Hard water contains high TDS, a high amount of salt contents, heavy metals, etc. If the water does not feel to be good quality, it must be tested via an authorised water testing centre.

2. Purifying storage capacity: you must decide the amount of purified water that you require for consumption per day. There is a lot of water purifying brands in the market with varying water storage capacities. Select a brand such as Zero B, get in contact with zero b customer helpline number Bangalore or wherever in India you are, and inquire about the storage capacities and other necessary things related to the water purifying products they offer. You must consider your family members before buying a purifier. Storage capacities are ranging from 3 litres to a large 18 litres capacity water purifier available in the market.

3. Check for necessary Purifier Certification: make sure that your water purifying product comes with authorized certificates from institutes like ISI, NSF, WQA, and CE. Never buy a random water purifier.

4. Buy a branded water purifier: brands like Zero B and other good quality brands must be considered. Make sure your water purifier brand has a service centre, brands like zero b have service centres, helplines numbers. You may find zero b customer care no. Bangalore, New Delhi, Chennai and other states of India written on their product warranty card or user manual.

5. Good after-sales service: there is no point in buying a water purifier from a brand who has a bad after-sale service. Purifiers require regular maintenance services. Such products are not a buy and forget type; they need servicing at least every six months.

6. Maintenance cost: water purifiers that use only UV purification mechanism incurs less cost for maintenance while as water purifiers that use complex purification processes are high in maintenance.

The higher the quality, the higher will be the maintenance cost of the water purifier. Purifiers that use UV+TDS+UF+MF technology have a higher cost for maintenance.

7. Read customer reviews and ratings: you may also search the internet and visit some good online e-commerce sites to read the customer reviews of various water purifiers. Go with the product that has a higher star rating given by customers and specialists.

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