How to best clean your bathroom for lasting effect

How to best clean your bathroom for lasting effect

With the current coronavirus pandemic going on around the world, a lot of people have been re-evaluating their current cleaning practices. Even if you’ve just visited a bathroom showroom sunderland and picked out a new suite, or had one installed by the unique bathroom company around the corner, it’s still important that you regularly clean and sanitize your bathroom. Due to the amount of use a bathroom sees, and the types of use occurring there, surface build-ups, mould and bad smells can quickly develop if they’re not looked after. Although you may be able to find a unique bathroom company that offers a deep clean service, these can often be expensive and wouldn’t do anything different to what you can do yourself with a bit of elbow grease and time!

One thing that a lot of people might not do when they’re cleaning their bathroom is actually move items from their normal spots. We’re all guilty of lazily cleaning around things rather than moving them, but this can cause large amounts of grime to build up under things like soap dispensers, shampoo bottles and other bathroom items. If you have a particularly unique bathroom company may want to peek inside and take a look. Some particularly nosy visitors may pick things up and look underneath them, so make sure you’re not caught out and clean everywhere as some guests may expect your home to be as clean as a bathroom showroom sunderland!

Due to the moisture in bathrooms, dust can easily build up and stick to surfaces. Use a long-handled duster to remove any cobwebs that have appeared in any corners of the room or on vents, and a broom or vacuum to clean floors. A microfibre cloth can be good to dust down surfaces but make sure that they aren’t wet and that if you choose to use chemicals, they’re the one recommended by the unique bathroom company that you purchased your suite from to avoid damage.

If you have a serious grime build-up in your shower, then using an acid-based cleaner is a great way to really cut through it and get some shine back in your appliances. One trick that doesn’t require any special cleaning equipment is to put half a lemon in a freezer bag and tie it to your shower head, ensuring that the lemon is pressed against the head. Leave this to soak overnight and in the morning, give it a wipe and it will be gleaming like the day you bought it from your unique bathroom company!

One of the most dreaded areas to clean in a bathroom is often the toilet. If you regularly scrub your loo or use cistern blocks, then it is likely in quite good condition and may be cleaned with a bit of all purpose cleaner and a toilet brush. If you don’t have a regular cleaning routine for your loo, then you may want to buy a toilet-specific cleaner to make sure you can get through any build-up or grime. As with any other appliances, you can check with the bathroom showroom sunderland or the unique bathroom company where you purchased the toilet from to make sure that the toilet cleaner you want to use will not damage any surfaces.

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