How to Beautify Your Living Room Flooring Economically

How to Beautify Your Living Room Flooring Economically

Living room is the place in our home where we spend most of the, time apart from sleeping, while at home. As the name suggests, it is the centre of our home living. It is the area where we relax, entertain, chit chat with family, watch TV, drink coffee and sometimes eat as well. Mostly, informal guests like immediate relatives and friends also prefer to be seated in the living room to be at ease. So, it must look good and feel cosy and relaxing when we are in the room. Creating a beautiful living room which starts with the flooring, looks like an expensive idea, but it isn’t as costly we think. It requires creative thinking considering how it will be used. We are providing you most famous flooring options to beautify your living room economically.

Hardwood Floors:

Hardwood flooring is the most popular choice for homeowners due to its verity & style, elegance and a touch of class. Hardwood floor has a long lasting life as compared to other options. The main drawback of it is Costly material and it needs periodic refinishing.

Bamboo Floors

Bamboo flooring is economical than hardwood, with added advantage that it is eco-friendly with widespread availability, verity of colours and styles which can fit any kind of interiors. But the downside is it may contain harmful chemical as they come from overseas sources. They are prone to humid conditions and water damage. Low quality bamboos show sign of scratches over the time.

Cork Floors:

Cork is cheaper and an easier substitute to Hardwood, Laminate and Vinyl flooring. It is comfortable for walking due its softness. It is also environmentally friendly but may get damage from moisture. Too much sunlight can also fade its colour.

Carpet and Rugs:

Carpets and rugs are most common flooring choices around the world, with different material and style according to the culture and availability. Wall to wall carpets can cover the entire room, while smaller carpets and rugs can be placed at any space with portability option to shift it anywhere in the house, according to the need. Carpets and rugs come in different shapes, sizes and materials. The prices of carpets and rugs are from low to very high, which depends upon their quality and material. They offer soft, warm and cosy feeling for the bare foots, which makes you relax. They also help to reduce noise and feel warmer in the cold season. They can be added on top of any flooring to give it a diverse and beautiful look and feel. The flip side is that it is hard to clean liquid substances from it.

Marble Floors

Marble flooring is being used for many centuries due to its natural artistic look and style. Its cost range from medium to very high depending on sources it is taken from. Marbles are fireproof, tough and long-lasting but it requires proper care and maintenance. Acidic substances should never be used on marble. Marble become very cold in winter season. Due to its heaviness it requires lot of labour with professional supervision to install.

Ceramic Tile and Concrete Floors

Ceramic tile and concrete flooring are the most durable and toughest material to be placed on the living room or any other room flooring. Tiles comes in various materials and styles, while concrete flooring is plain and simple. Both of them become hot in summer and cold in winter. This can be cover-up by carpets or rugs, which can also beautify the space.

Vinyl Floors:

Vinyl flooring has improved drastically over the last few decades from cheap plastic looking floors to luxury vinyl which now comes in almost any texture or design. Be it a hardwood, stoned texture and even custom made styles; vinyl is the best economical choice. It is easier to clean and install and can withstand moisture better than hardwood, bamboo or cork. The downside is that they can be easily damage by sharp objects and cuts which is impossible to repair.

There are other flooring options out there, but we have tried to cover the most frequent ones in this article. The reader can make decision of choosing the right flooring options for their living room or any other room, considering their budget, space and the purpose it will be used.

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