How to Achieve a Fresh and Natural Look with Minimal Makeup

How to Achieve a Fresh and Natural Look with Minimal Makeup

Have you ever experienced when people told you that you look more beautiful without any makeup on? But little did they know that you are wearing one! If you haven’t, then you should better keep reading this article if you want to achieve that barely there, natural makeup look. Numerous celebrities have been wearing this kind of makeup look in recent months. You may think that this kind of natural look is only for the genetically blessed people, but this look takes more work and practice than you think.

Prep Your Skin

Before you put any makeup products on your face, it’s very important that you start with a clean face. Grab your favorite gentle facial cleanser and softly buff the skin clean. Avoid using an exfoliant as it will bring out the redness in your complexion. After that, get a cotton pad and apply toner on your face to balance the pH level of your skin.


After cleansing your face, don’t leave your skin dry before you apply your makeup on. Always keep it hydrated by applying a moisturizer. Having a supple and smooth complexion will help your makeup go on even. Opt for an oil-free formula moisturizer to prevent the risk of potential breakouts. There are many lightweight day creams in the market which are perfect for priming the face. You can choose a moisturizer with an SPF-infused formula so you can also get that added protection from UV/UVA rays throughout the day.

Foundation/ Tinted Moisturizer

This will depend on your preference if you want to use a tinted moisturizer or a foundation. If you think that you really have clear skin, a tinted moisturizer is perfect for you so you can even out your skin tone. This product has added skincare benefits of a moisturizer throughout the day and has a sheer coverage too! Plus, you can apply it by using your bare hands just as same as when you apply your regular moisturizer.

If you like more coverage, then apply foundation. Don’t forget to keep it minimal, just apply it to the places you feel are problematic since we still want to see that your skin breathes. For that natural look, find a foundation that will give you enough coverage without leaving you with a cakey face. Whichever you use, it’s important that you blend, blend, and blend it well so the product sits flawlessly on your face.


If you are not yet familiar with what a concealer is, then you are definitely missing out! A concealer should be your best friend if you have dark circles and spots that you want to hide. For dark circles, you pat the product with a finger to blend. The skin under the eye is very fragile and thin so it’s better that you use your pinky finger to blend the product. Actually, nowadays, if you are always on-the-go, you can skip the tinted moisturizer or foundation and proceed with concealer and powder.


If your face gets oily real quick then lock it up with a powder. Use a mineral finishing powder or a loose powder that matches your skin tone. When you apply the powder, it’s better to use a large brush to dust all over. For your natural beauty to show up, we will skip the contour and bronzer part and make the most of your natural coloring.

Curl Lashes

The best tip for achieving that barely-there makeup is to skip the mascara part and just curl the eyelashes. Another trick is to use a clear mascara to add some more definition. Doing this can simply make so much difference for your eyes to look awake without being too extra by using a regular black mascara.


You should skip the ‘eyebrows on fleek’ part if you want to look all natural. You can use an eyebrow pencil but just give it a subtle blend for a little shape. If you are blessed with naturally thick and bushy brows then just leave it the way they are and just brush them so it doesn’t look like a mess.


For the last step, pick out a cream blush or cheek tint as close to your natural blush as possible. This will give your face some warmth. Just apply it to the apples of your cheeks where you would naturally flush and blend it well. Also, if your cream blush or cheek tint also acts as a lip tint then apply some on your lips for an enhanced natural pigment.

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Sometimes, less is more. Makeup should not cover and hide your beauty! If you know how to use it well, your beautiful and uniques features would stand out for sure. Plus, if you don’t really have time in the morning to apply a cat eye or contour on your cheekbones, then this kind of simple makeup look is the answer. It’s important that when you use makeup, always know that you use it to enhance your features.

Author Bio: Ivandrea Ollero is a beauty fan and a makeup lover herself, she provides useful makeup techniques and skincare tips for enhancing the natural beauty of everyone. She is a daytime writer for Napoleon Perdis, one of Australia’s leading makeup and skincare brand.

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