Packaging materials hold great significance because apparently, they are just covering the product from potential damage but, they provide a welcoming gesture to the consumer and provide an insight into the product. There are varieties of packaging materials available in the market to adorn different kinds of products. These materials vary in their prices, strength, ability, and usage. One of the most common materials used for packaging things is cardboard. Cardboard packaging is favorite mainly because of its sturdiness, affordability, accessibility and eco-friendly nature.

Here is why cardboard packaging is convenient for shipping and delivery:


Cardboard packing boxes are made with nominal expense. The raw material and process of making cardboard are extremely economical. Whether you want cardboard packaging for heavy electronics or want simple cardboard gift boxes, this material is the go-to choice. Due to the inexpensive rates of this material, it can be ordered in bulked quantities. Affordability of this packaging material can support the newly established start-ups who want packaging for their materials but suffer from financial constraints. Just because it is cheap, does not mean it has deteriorating quality but it delivers regarding both quantity and quality.


The most significant benefit of using cardboard packaging is its eco-friendly nature. From production to the usage, none of the steps poses any threat to our environment. The productions plants where cardboard is produced create at minimum some toxic wastage products. After the packaging the product, consumers can use the cardboard packaging of the product for various purposes. For example, cardboard boxes can be used for storing things. Small cardboard boxes can be used to store little things like toys and kitchen items like fruits, vegetables, etc., while big cardboard boxes can be used to pack and store things especially while shifting places or moving from one place to the other. Hence, it is recyclable. Even if you do not use the packaging and throw it anywhere, the good news is that it is a biodegradable material, which means that unlike plastics, it can dissolve in water bodies hence does not cause environmental pollution.


Upon seeing cardboard, you might think that it just a thick brown colored paper and you may expect the kind of protection a paper can deliver. On the contrary, cardboard is made of multiple sheets generally derived from pine or birch tree pulp. This layered structure of cardboard makes it durable enough for packaging of different products; from delicate products like crockery and glassware to massive machines like a washing machine, refrigerator, etc. Cardboard packaging protects against water damage as water cannot seep through the packaging. Moreover, the material cannot be easily ripped, torn or punctured. Even with all the sturdiness, cardboard is still lightweight; making it efficient and more comfortable to carry and handle. Cardboard boxes irrespective of their size are thin so moving them will not cause you any discomfort or hassle.


The material of cardboard allows hassle-free printing and designing. Which means, companies can easily print their logo or design the product's packaging according to the company's trademark. This factor maintains the element of differentiation between any two companies opting for cardboard packaging for their products. Custom printed cardboard boxes also indicate how much effort the company puts in minute details and hence a positive influence is placed on the consumers. Other than designing and printing, cardboard is highly flexible and can be folded cut into custom cardboard boxes varying in size and shape to encompass the product. For example, cardboard gift boxes are generally small cute colorful and dainty white cardboard storage boxes are thick, monochrome and huge.


Another benefit that cardboard packaging provides that it is exceptionally durable for carrying out long-distance journeys. For transporting products within the country as well as out of the country, via rail, road or air, materials are packaged in cardboard boxes for protection. Even if people shift from one place to the other, they prefer to pack each item in their home with cardboard packaging. Not only does cardboard packaging safely transport products from one place to the other, but it is also the most economical option. Since a lot of cardboard boxes are required for carrying from one place to the other, cardboard boxes bought wholesale, prove to be incredibly cheap. Moreover, as they are light in weight, not much load is exerted on the truck or other vehicles, minimum labor is required, and hence consumers are exempted from other transport or fuel charges. So, opt for cardboard packaging for products, as it is convenient, durable, environment-friendly and sturdy.

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