How mobile first approach can help you to transform your digital journey?

How mobile first approach can help you to transform your digital journey?

As time passed mobile application development has surpassed desktop and all the other media for brand based interactions. So according to the think with Google consumers have 2x more interactions with brands on mobile than anywhere else where it drives 56% of all internet traffic, and this number keeps growing. On the other end some specific industries like food and dining reaching 72%. In fact, 88% of users those who search for local business on their phone will first call then visit that business within 24 hours and to top it off 57% user’s state that they won’t recommend any business which has poor mobile site.

Initially, when the customers used to focus on the desktop website, mobile designs were not given much consideration. Eventually, the changing digital landscape and increasing use of mobiles or tablets enforced organization to plan their UX design and development strategy keeping mobile users in mind and that is how the first mobile approach has turned up.

What is Mobile-First Approach?

Mobile first approach is nothing but the websites which is designed taking into account of an online experience of mobile users before designing it for desktop users. In other words, if we say mobile first websites are designed for mobile devices, and then these layout is adapted to fit the desktop and tablet devices. Hence as mobile taking over the world, the mobile-first approach has become a buzzword also the need of the hour for creating a consistent user experience across all devices.

Below are the given two phases of the mobile First approach (design):

· Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is a design method which allows the web to automatically fit the screens of different devices along with that the content. It also helps to reduce the user's operation like panning, zooming, and scrolling when browsing the web.

· Progressive Advancement

Advancement of a product is when we design a product, we build a version for a relatively lower browser which includes the most basic functions and features. After that, we tend to advance version for a tablet or PC which is created by adding interaction or more complicated effects, etc. on the basic version for better user experience.

Mobile-First Approach for Various Industries

The mobile first approach is essential for all the organization across various industries which is due to the increasing use of mobile devices for browsing websites. According to the report from Statista in 2018 mobile phones generated 52.2% of all worldwide websites traffic which is 1.9% up from 2017. According to the report from Statista the importance of mobile-first strategy, particularly for e-commerce industry is apparent from the fact that by 2021 where the total e-commerce sales will reach 3.56 trillion U.S dollars which will comprise 77.9% of total e-commerce sales.

Below are the given mobile-first approach for e-commerce industry:

· Responsive site design is consistent across all channel.

· Customer-centric user experience, optimized navigation, and simple functionality.

· Streamline checkout process.

· Prioritization of content.

· Leverage rapid development of platforms for web or mobile app development.

Below are the given some reason to include the mobile first approach in your e-commerce business are:

· Enhances the Visibility of Your Website

Mobile first approach helps us in prioritizing search rankings by Google search algorithm where it also takes care of speed and mobile content as significant ranking factors since it takes the lesser time for page load. As better the content as higher the chances of your websites to appear in search engine result pages.

· Delivers an Optimal User Experience

Website built with the help of mobile first approach provides a streamlined and enriched experience which in turn help them to make a better opinion and credibility for your business. Therefore this approach lets the organizations display the most prominent content to their targeted users.

· Increases the Conversion Rate

A well-crafted user-centric mobile-first website helps you to improve your clicks through the conversion rates. Additionally, it consumes less data which will also help you to save your space and bandwidth while giving an excellent shopping experience to your customers.

· Gives You an Additional Competitive Edge

Mobile commerce has skyrocketed over the past couple of years, where the trend expected to be the same in the upcoming years. Therefore adoption of mobile first approach in your business process will be a winning strategy which will help you to stay forward of the competition.

The Future of the Mobile-First Platform

Future of the mobile-first platform provides an open, comprehensive, and advanced mobile application development services platform for smartphones and tablets. Where the number of smartphones users in the world by 2019 is suspect of crossing 5 billion. Where the users tend to spend more time on mobile than desktops, so a massive shift from desktop first design to mobile first design is about to become the most significant tech trend. Besides, new technologies such as chatbots, artificial intelligence, etc. will bring change in functionalities of devices which will help to bring more revenue for e-commerce retailers.

So, for wrapping up a mobile-first approach is a progressive technology which has allowed the native app to experience the exist in the web browser where it provides the speed and efficiency that consumers have to expect.


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