How Mobile Apps are Making Healthcare More Accessible

How Mobile Apps are Making Healthcare More Accessible

The mobile revolution has enabled the way for the digital revolution in the healthcare industry. Numerous healthcare professional today are enthusiastic about mobile application development services. So, advanced healthcare technology helps to makes it easy to bridge that gap between a doctor and patient where the apps allow addressing medical emergencies and offer improved patient services. Nevertheless, in recent times the scenario has drastically changed and the credit goes to the mobile development industry for introducing the certain healthcare apps, or we can say that the healthcare apps have been a vital pioneer for transcending and reversing the condition of medical and healthcare industry.

Before looking into the fundamental reasons why healthcare apps have become a necessity, let’s have a glance at some vital stats. According to the reports from Statista, the healthcare sector will grow on the top revenue contributors who will be estimated to reach a figure of $58.8 billion in 2020. According to the report by Research 2 guidance indicates that there are 3, 25,000 healthcare apps available worldwide where Android is leading the way forward in mobile health platform. Other statistics from Accenture consultants point out that the download in the number of healthcare app has doubled in the past of years.

Below given benefits of mobile healthcare apps

Healthcare apps boon for doctors - Healthcare apps have become a blessing for the doctors and others associated which help to update the health conditions of their patients. In fact, as per the stats, 93% of the doctors believe that the healthcare apps can bring improvement in patient health also 80% of the physicians are using the mobile technology to deliver the patient care. Even the doctor prescription have become digitalized which means it can access in your device as well as a medical professional can view all the patient's reports through the app which is easier to take a quick decision in emergency cases.

Enable immediate access - Those days have gone when doctors use to make an in-home visit to diagnose and treat patients. Now, home visits have replaced by the digital visit with the healthcare mobile app development on other words doctors on demand. Patients can quickly find a top doctor in proximity and book an appointment or chat within a matter of seconds with this way they can avoid visiting a hospital even in case of an emergency.

For example, HealthTap is a medical app which allows patients to ask a general health-related question who are available for 24/7, without requiring them to book prior appointments. These type of mobile healthcare apps for patients even helps physicians to keep in constant touch with their patients. Such virtual interaction is highly beneficial for older adults who in most cases cannot quickly shift to the hospital.

Reduced risks of diagnostic errors - Medical diagnosis error of a patient can even cause extreme damage to a patient’s health. However, mobile healthcare apps possessed with intelligent diagnostic capabilities which can reduce the error rate by giving drug predictions. Even the feature is not limited to accurate the healthcare mobile app development companies integrate additional features which also help physicians to use mobile apps with cloud facilities to store patient records.

Establishing New Business Models - The practice of using referral pads for foster patient relationships has now become outdated. ReferralMD, HIPAA compliant mobile app is a cloud-based referral management system which can replace all the traditional referral methods. It also helps doctors to quickly write resourceful referrals which can serve as a great solution to fulfill the massive surge of patient information by allowing healthcare organizations to promote themselves to new patients and providers who seek healthcare services.

Uses of health fitness app - The augment wave of fitness trackers has given self-monitoring capabilities which patients can monitor their health conditions constantly. With the help of these powerful gizmos, users are becoming more committed to exercise. Which, in turn, helping them to avoid any health issues they can also track their exercise routines, diet regime, diabetes and so on.

Reduction in Medical Bill and Expenses - One of the indispensable advantages of healthcare apps has been the reduction of medical bills. Huge medical expenses have always been a headache for people because the hospitals charge the fee at their will. However, since some of the tasks can do through the app, it will in easing the burden off your pocket. Moreover, you also choose the hospital according to your budget.

Easy Payment of Bills- Paying medical expenses is not that simple before the advent of healthcare apps with the help of health app; you don’t have to stand in a queue to pay the bill. The app has secured payment gateway integration allowing users to pay the amount promptly. You can also pay the bill timely and choose a payment plan accordingly.

So, for wrapping up the healthcare apps have become a vital part of our life because it has simplified our lives to a greater extent with this healthcare mobile application development, complex tasks can also execute with secure manner, and it also helps to change the way patients and doctors engage while radically transforming the future of medical businesses.


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