How Language Switcher Plugin Can Take Your Business to The Next Level!

How Language Switcher Plugin Can Take Your Business to The Next Level!

Language is how we express everything that we feel, sense, touch and say. After all language is an integral part of everything we do. Our language and communication preferences are what connects us with other like-minded people around us.

“With languages, you are at home anywhere!”

When was the last time you felt totally stupid just because the website that you were surfing looked exceptional, yet wasn’t in the language that you wish it would be? Felt that the website was totally useless and must be in the language of your preference. Think of it for a moment, do you want your most valuable customers to feel the same way for your brand? Why not integrate a language switcher plugin to your most amazing store!

Today, with more and more businesses transforming online, Magento has become #1 ecommerce store empowering more 150k stores, with a giant army of more than 315,000 developers and a network of 1,150+ highly-trained technology and solution partners.
While more and more stores growing online, they need a robust multi-language solution to help their customers interact better with their amazing store.

Here are some reasons why you should consider integrating a Magento 2 language switcher plugin in your ecommerce store:

Build Trust & Credibility:

Local language is meant to build a good rapport with your end users. Think of it for a moment, who would you trust more? Someone who speaks your language or the one who speaks a secondary language? If you are like most of your end users, you would prefer to listen it in your native language.

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.”
‒Nelson Mandela

Maximize Business by Increasing Customer Base:

By leveraging the power of your end user’s native language, you can certainly increase their frequency of interacting with your e-store. This will eventually result in more sales, and guess what does that mean? You guessed it right, more business! You should not underestimate the power of local language used in the right manner.

Reach Beyond the Geographical Limits:

Yes. With the help of a Magento 2 language switcher plugin, you can reach more number of people than you normally would have reached. Have you ever thought about reaching to customers who don’t know your language? There are so many countries who do not know “English language”. Well, they prefer their own language to communicate. How in the world would you reach them? With the help of Magento 2 multi-language plugin, you can easily reach masses by translating all your pages to their preferred languages.

Statistics Shows that:

  • 73% customers like to shop online in their native language.
  • For 56% of consumers, reading website content in their local language is more important than knowing the prices.
  • 76% companies find it difficult to maintain content accuracy in non-native languages.
  • 74% people said that they would buy from the same brand if the after sales care is in their local language.

Now, statistics are groundbreaking, you simply cannot debate them. If you want more customers, (and ultimately more business), integrating a Magento 2 multi language plugin is a thought you must consider.

Final words, with the help of a language switcher extension, you can reach to masses by interacting with them in their preferred language. This small tweak has a potential to transform your business.

As the old adage says, “Small changes make a huge difference.” Gandhiji used to put it this way, “In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” By a small little change, you can outrank all your competitors, before they do so.

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