How Gamification Helps Boost User Engagement For Your App?

How Gamification Helps Boost User Engagement For Your App?

The world of mobile applications is changing. The introduction of newer and better app concepts add up to the existing competition in the market and make the competition extremely cut-throat. Therefore, it becomes important to introduce newer concepts in the app to ensure it remains interesting in the eyes of users. And gamification is one of the most popular concepts helping you bring more users to your app solution.

Gamification: What Does It Actually Do?

Gamification is all about converting a simple experience to something more fun. With the help of games, the developers can find and implement new ways of engaging users in using an app solution and increase the app downloads. It does not affect the overall functionalities of the app solution, rather it focuses on enhancing the primary ones to deliver excellent results. With the help of gamification, Elearning has benefited the most as learning can be made easier and fun but now its turn of mobile apps to avail their users something more than just services.

How Gamification Helps Increase User Engagement

There are 4 pioneer concepts of gamification that help in boosting the user experience and achieve a successful app in the market. Implementing the strategies according to them helps in achieving the best results in no time.

1. App Retention

The mobile application provided to users must be able to interest users to come back. It insists on putting up the efforts that help in keeping the user interests intact and gamification is here to solve most of the problems. The app retention rates are supposed to be hiked if you want to declare your app successful. And implementing gamification can help you with that. Setting up a limit for the game integrated helps you limit the attempts a user does at playing it and the refill will excite them more and convince them to come back.

The simple concept of putting up limits for attempts to game and preserving the excitement helps in retaining more users and keep the interest of existing users intact. Gamification today has been easier to be implemented in every kind of app solution, whether it is a marketplace or a dating app. All you need is an innovative concept and excellent execution.

2. Rewards

Users are ultimately looking forward to earning rewards for their attempts. And a game is supposed to do that. There is no fun if no prize is given after a victorious win in a game. Your users should be able to understand the motto behind putting up the game in the app and earn benefits from it. A rewarding app is all that users are craving if it also promises to deliver excellent services. The value proposition of the app should remain intact and rather than taken as just any other app, the application must be recognized for a special quality it possesses.

A reward system can be made beneficial by offering extended limits for game playing, discounts on prices or a certain coupon use for earning discounts. For example, if a business plants a game in its uber clone app, they can offer discounts on ride fares up to certain limits as a reward for playing the game or through referrals. This helps in engaging more users in the activity and as the number of riders increases, the revenue earned also increases.

3. The Element of Competition

What good is a win if there is no one better to compete with? The entire concept of games is to defeat the competitor and the true pleasure is hidden in it. Your users should also feel the same. The element of competition added in helps you connect your users and it establishes a good relation among customers as they get to know each other and compete too, to earn benefits. Socializing with customers while also increasing profits is a good plan, isn't it?

4. Thorough Engagement

Ensuring your customers are not going anywhere, thorough engagement is required to put your app in the first place when users think about the services you provide. Ensuring your gamification approaches are enough to regain the attention of users and bring them back to the app, you can rest assured as the user base will increase only. Not only excellent services but also, user engagement drives a business to success and in the times when mobile apps are taking over the work of marketing and promoting business services, it becomes essential to regain the attention of customers and ensure thorough engagement.

Summing Up

The conversion rate of companies using gamification in their approaches has hiked to 700%. Also, the global market size of gamification has increased from $6.8 billion in 2018 and is estimated to reach $40 billion by 2024, which indicates a 32% growth rate. Hence, implementing gamification concepts in the app solution you have built, you can rely on getting guaranteed results in the form of an increased user base and excellent revenue generation.

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