How Digital Transformation can revamp the Preschool Admission Process

How Digital Transformation can revamp the Preschool Admission Process

Admission process works in an inverted pyramid manner. The difficulty of getting admissions is easy for the lower level is the highest and gets easy as we move up the ladder. It is one of the most tiring tasks to get your ward enrolled in a reputed preschool. Ask the parents from 90’s, and they’ll tell how complicated the process was. Getting up early in the morning to queue up in front of schools and wait for hours to get the preschool admission application form and then wait for weeks to get the result from the school. And, imagine the same struggle done for n number of schools because you don’t just apply in one school.

What we are saying is that it wasn’t easy to get your kid enrolled in some decent preschool. But, with the advent of digital platforms, the process of preschool admission has smoothened up and given a sense of relaxation to parents.

Leveraging new digital platforms and technological aspects schools have now started online admission services. Here are some of the facilities that organisations like Kidzee play school are providing for admission process:

No more queuing up at school gates

With online application form facility, parents no more have to take the trouble to reach out to schools physically to get an admission form. Just log in to a computer, and one can access the application form schools.

Assistance for form-filling

With online application form, there is an ease in the process as schools also provide the information regarding the form. Unlike the traditional forms where if parents encounter any problem while filling the form and had to struggle to get the assistance, online process is easy as there is enough information present on the websites which guides parents on every point while filling up the form.

Also, with online process parents can register themselves and get the regular updates. This helps them to not to miss out on any deadline and streamline the entire process.

All such facilities with many other features depending the schools are something that parents take advantage of to get their child enrolled in a reputed preschool and take a first successful step towards the bright future of their kid.

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