How can you use Google Search Data to Sell the Right Products Online

How can you use Google Search Data to Sell the Right Products Online

You don't have to depend only on online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay to identify the most popular selling products online.

Think about the most visited website in the world and the image of Google logo will come to your mind. Google being the most widely used internet search engine, it can give you valuable insights about which products are frequently searched online.

Planning to Sell servers online? Firstly use a keyword research tool and find out how many people are searching this keyword (servers) online.

Use Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner, also referred to as Google Keyword Tool, is essentially a keyword research tool that will allow you to discover product keywords that are being popularly searched.

For instance, you can know how many times every month consumers are searching for product keywords. If Google's Keyword Planner shows that office supplies have a very high search volume, you might plan to Sell office supplies online.

Google keyword planner is a free online tool that will allow you to discover what combination of keywords consumers are searching.

Product related keywords can give you a wealth of information about the products that are in great demand. If you want to be successful in your online business, it is imperative to identify product-focused keywords with highest demand.

Google Trends

Want to find the trending niches of 2020? Wish to identify top-selling items online? Explore the top trending products using Google trends data.

Google free trends is another free online tool that will help you to find 'product searches' that have been consistently growing. All you need is a Google account and you can easily find which products are currently growing in popularity.

Competition in Search

High search volume should not be the sole criteria for selling a specific product.

'Competition for that keyword' is another factor to consider when deciding to sell that product. For instance, if you decide to Sell electronic components online, also find the competition for that keyword. Lesser the competition for keyword, easier it is to get better rankings.

If the keyword in search has fierce competition, you will find it extremely difficult to get the rankings.

For instance, competition is intense for terms like 'laptops'. In order to improve rankings for this term, you will have to think about what long-tail keywords to add. For instance terms like, 'Ultra Thin & Light Laptop' or 'Best Laptops for 2020' could help you to rank well.

The point is you need to search the words and short phrases that consumers type along with the popular keyword.


On the whole, when you want to know the popular product terms consumers are searching for, go for Google keyword planner. If you do a proper keyword research, it can definitely help you to identify and sell products that have the potential to maximize your revenue.

With some of the most popular keyword research tools available for free, finding the right products to sell has never been so easier before. So when you know what the public wants, achieving success in online business is not difficult.

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