How Can Smooth Delivery Experience Help You Earn Customer Loyalty?

How Can Smooth Delivery Experience Help You Earn Customer Loyalty?

It was a shiny summer day of December in Melbourne. Judy had been sick for the past few days. She had no idea that there was a party in her high school, the upcoming Saturday. Nobody told her about it. Scoundrel friends! She had gone to the school on Tuesday and her friends were discussing the dresses they were going to wear at the party. Nichole was planning to come with a teal color dress and a glittery hair band that she bought yesterday. Samantha was planning to don a retro look with Copper Plaid Shirt with big hoops. Travis Barbara was fantasizing about how she would look in her green colored Cinderella gown, although there was some skepticism as to whether she would look like one.

Their discussion about the attires was tormenting Judy and causing woes. Because all she had in her wardrobe were some rock band t-shirts, ‘winter is coming’ hoodies and ripped jeans. And she too, wanted to be the center of attention at the party. Though she would be the center of attention with these clothes too, as her friends would surely say “Oh My Gosh”. But the next line would be “She looks weird” instead of “She looks hot”.

So, now the verdict of Judy’s mind is, she needs a classy floral Kimono style A-line dress that she once saw on your online store. And you know the best part? She wants it at the earliest. She just logged into the system, went to her wish list and placed the order. She was able to enter her area pin code and check the delivery time and confirm if she will get the dress on time. Thanks to your Magento store’ Australia Post Extension.

This Magento 2 Australia Post Extension enables you to design your system in a way, where they can validate their address and choose the shipping method for them. They will also be able to track their shipment while it is on the way. Hence, they will be able to see what would be the probable delivery time of a particular product and shipping rates. And when you are able to accomplish it, this will earn their loyalty and mouth publicity. Afterall, you are a savior here for Judy! She was jumping holding the dress in her hands and was so happy.

How Magento Shipping Extension Help You to Better Deliver Experience?

A streamlined Magento 2 Australia Post shipping extension on your store will help customers to track their shipments. They would also be able to choose their preferred shipping method. This will render a good delivery experience and will drive satisfaction to your customers.

Along with that, you can also derive the shipping extension to enhance your customers’ shipping experience. This will help you to gain the loyalty of your customers and retain them again and again.

Top 3 Features of Bettering the Shipping Experience That Will Make Your Customers Loyal?

1. When you deliver on your promised time, they will have faith in your services. This trust will encourage them to rely on you whenever they need any product with specific delivery preferences.

2. A successful and efficient delivery is like a cherry on the cake as it gives a pleasing finishing touch to your services. If you are able to make a customer happy with this, it will encourage them to refer your services to others. This way, they work as a brand ambassador for you.

3. One of the core differences between online shopping and offline shopping is the delivery of the product. Most offline shoppers prefer this mode because they need the product immediately. When your extension will provide them probable shipping dates and schedules this makes your services transparent.

A successful timely delivery of your product to the right customers is the backbone of your services efficiency. It matters a lot if you wish to render customer satisfaction. When you display probable shipping dates with live rates and allows your customers to track their shipment, they will have more clarity. Thus, they will be having a better idea on when they will be getting the product and so, they can place the order accordingly. Like it did to Judy. So, enhance your Magento 2 store with a streamlined Magento 2 Australia Post Extension.

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