How Can Poor E-commerce Design Affect Your Sales?

How Can Poor E-commerce Design Affect Your Sales?

Are you an Appreneur? Are the sales of your app is going downhill? Have you checked why this is happening? Many times the poor design of the e-commerce website can result in deterioration of sales. Did you know vaguely 80-97% of business shut down within two years of its opening? And one of the many reasons that this happens is because of the poor design of the website. The numbers given above speak for themselves.

There is no doubt that creating your own e-commerce website can be a daunting task and requires a lot of hard work. But it is also important to create a website that is properly functional and has proper designs that would attract customers. Surely there are many mistakes related to e-commerce website development that developers commit, but by enhancing the design of your website you can reduce the risk of losing sales.

There are several web development companies for e-commerce around the world, those are looking for a way to improve their design strategies to provide their clients with better e-commerce solutions. Here are few design mistakes that is deteriorating your sales that you can avoid.

Failing to Use Good Quality Images to Display the Product
It is extremely important to use good quality images for displaying your product. If you don’t display your products properly the user will leave your website and find the product elsewhere. Good quality images of the product will convey good services to the consumers. Use larger images to display your product especially if you are selling products that mostly depend on product images such as pottery barn, art, paintings, etc. Many websites also claimed that they had an improvement of over 100% when they included images in the search bar alongside the product name. Therefore it is extremely important to include images with good quality to display the product.

Misguiding Product Description
Every e-commerce website owner knows the importance of product description. The product description conveys the information regarding the product. If you are not true in the product description you might lose the integrity of your brand. Gaining the trust of your customers is extremely important. You have to include the information regarding the product, like the product’s color, availability, dimension, etc. Many times the e-commerce store owners include or remove the same description for many products at a time. This can become extremely confusing for the user when he/she reads it.

Complex Page Structure
Many time e-commerce wants to include much information at a time into one single page that the user gets confused. And when the user can’t find what he/she is looking for, the user leaves and finds the product elsewhere. You can integrate features together and make the page less complex for the user. Too much information also makes it hard for the user to select a product. Many times the website overcrowds the page with products instead of features. This can also lead to a great deal of confusion and can affect the retention rate of your website.

Non-Responsive Website Design
Mobile devices have become the new ground for business for all e-commerce business. People use apps as well as websites from their mobile devices nowadays. All successful e-commerce websites and apps reel in their most profits with the help of mobile devices. If your website is not responsive to mobile devices it can affect your scale on a gigantic level and the same can be told for tablet devices. Making your website design more responsive to other devices can increase the rate of sales.

Almost No Value Proposition
A strong value proposition is your argument as to why the customer should buy your product. This is extremely important if you are an e-commerce website because you will have to make a strong case for why the customer should opt for you when they could buy the same product from a popular website. It is a deciding factor for the customer that whether they should waste time in buying a product from your website. When setting the value proposition of your brand make sure that you include a feature or service that no other app provides.

Lacking Trust Badges and Security Certifications
The trust badges and security certificates are a sign of good performing website. A good design with a secure payment module gets a security certificate. If you have an SSL certificate for your website, there are more chances of an increased rate of user conversion and user retention. Trust badges are given to the website with decent website design which doesn’t redirect the user to a third party website that is not safe. And remember just because you are reliable, it doesn’t mean that user will believe you.

Many e-commerce companies and e-commerce website development companies make such design flaws on the website. Vrinsoft is very careful regarding such design mistakes and makes sure that their client gets the better end-result. These tips regarding the solution of the design mistakes will help you escalate the sales as well as the retention rate of the website.

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